This, That, and the Other

THIS movie:

I won a copy of CHRISTMAS LODGE from another blog … and last night we had a chance to watch it.  While the plot is incredibly predictable, it was nice to just sit down with my entire family (even my husband and son!) to watch a movie that was rated G so we didn’t have to worry about its content.   This movie actually included prayer, the Bible, and discussions about accepting God’s will … and at the end, we all sighed at how lovely it ended (well, not literally, but it WAS a happy ending). 

Even better was that the folks I won this movie from have accepted me to review other family, faith-based products starting in January – and many will include GIVE AWAYS!!  🙂 

2.  THAT isn’t all there is to share on my blog – but in keeping it short, I will share that Monday I finished my Christmas shopping, and Tuesday my kids and I went to a Christmas party at a friend’s house and had a fun time.  The kids decorated snow scenes, played lots of games, and had a gift exchange – and I got some encouraging, adult/mom interaction that always leaves me feeling refreshed (and hoping that I really am somewhat normal…).

Today I had some things to do all morning into the afternoon – but then I went into frantic cleaning mode as tomorrow we leave for my in-laws’ house and by the time we get back on Saturday, my parents will be HERE!!!!!  🙂 

3.  THE OTHER thing I wanted to say is that Thursday is MIRIAM’S 2nd BIRTHDAY!!  I will be in “the land of no internet” for the rest of the week, so I wanted to acknowledge her birthday now!   These last two years have FLOWN BY – and I am so thankful for our little Christmas gift …

Her birth story is on my blog – and I’m so glad I have that documentation of the events surrounding her arrival.  Hard to believe my baby who came into this world at 7 lbs and 21 inches is now (as of today) almost 27 lbs and 33 inches!!  🙂 
She’s a running, talking, taking-apart-everything, singing, dancing, smiling, laughing, coloring, puzzle-doing, book-reading, happy girl who brings us all so much joy each day! 
Happy Birthday, Miriam!! 

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5 Responses to This, That, and the Other

  1. Jedidja says:

    A late Happy Birthday for the little girl! Two year is a beautiful age! And I like the photo with te baby in the sok ( what is the english word)

  2. Rochelle says:

    Hi Conny, I hope your Christmas holiday was filled with many blessings and the peace and love of the Lord.

  3. Liebe Conny,ich wünsche dir und deiner Fam. ein wunderschönes Weihnachtsfest.Alles Liebe Barbara

  4. hi connie hope you read this my blog had cliches and suddenly i didnt have access to it..if you click on my name you go to my new one sorry for the inconvinience i search so much to find you..hope you visit me..friend.. can you let me now when you read this..thanks soraya

  5. 2 already?!? Where does time go so fast? Happy Birthday to Miriam!

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