A LooK Back – 2011

So, 2011 is coming to a close … in some ways I say GOOD RIDDANCE!  I’m ready to move on – start over – get into that new year’s recommitment to making things better, ever hopeful that 2012 will be THE YEAR that I *finally* get it together!!

My pessimist/realist side says 2011 wasn’t such a great year for our family anyway.  But honestly, I have to admit, we’ve had our health, our family’s been together, opportunities have been abundant, experienced so many blessings we’ve since forgotten, and our bills have been paid, there isn’t much I really can complain about.  Sure, we had some challenges in 2011; yes, things went very differently than I ever imagined … BUT God was SO GOOD to us – even through those challenges and some difficult times. 

I think part of my problem is we were coming off a 2 year “high”:  in 2009, soon into the year, we found out we were expecting our unexpected blessing, Miriam -and a wonderful pregnancy followed with me getting to ultimately quit my job after 6+ years to work from home (a dream come true!) and culminating by Miriam’s birth in December which was about as perfect as any birth could be. 

2010 we spent cherishing every “first” with Miriam, watching our older kids interact with her, and holding on to each moment because we pretty much know for sure we will never have a newborn in our home again. 

In 2011, reality set back in.  Miriam has been a huge blessing – but a lousy sleeper.  I spent much of the first part of the year happy but exhausted – and then our crazy, unpredictable schedule kept me from getting into a steady routine for naps and such.  Other things happened in 2011 that kind of shook up our world in a more personal way – but in the end, it is all for the best:  GOD IS SO GOOD!! 

And so, I have browsed back over my blog and want to share the highlights of our 2011:

January – I started the year wanting to recommit to GOOD HEALTH:  drinking more water, watching what I eat, etc.  Well, I can just cross 2011 off that list of resolutions and put 2012 up there because I am still working in that!!  I haven’t lost the 20 lbs I wanted to lose – and I still have a horrible time drinking water like I should and making good food choices consistently.

February – For the first 14 days, I did a study on I Corinthians chapter 13.  I am no Bible teacher by any means … and I probably didn’t share anything profound – however, I achieved my goal of personalizing those verses for myself and my marriage and in my relationships.  I even had it printed into a little bound booklet for myself!

March – we had Spring Break.  It was part fun, part a working vacation week.  We went to Kansas City on Monday and Tuesday (indoor water park and WWI Memorial/Museum and American Girl doll store) – worked in the church office one day – and then spent Thursday and Friday catching up on errands, dental & eye appointments and other such like. 

April – Recommitted to my Healthy Hausfrau lifestyle – and also executed the infamous “Narnia” DVD giveway – in which I mailed out 30+ Narnia DVDs at my own expense because I am CrAzY like that!!  :-O

May – I got a little crafty – which doesn’t happen very often – and made felt flower brooches, a banner for our teachers luncheon (that I don’t think anyone noticed because there was an overabundance of FOOD underneath the banner that caught every one’s attention first!) and cute marshmallow flower cupcakes.  I worked in the school cafeteria quite a bit, substituting – and we had a field day.  THEN SCHOOL WAS OUT!!!!  I think I was happier than my kids were!!  🙂

June – We had our week of “vacation” – if you can call it that!!  The first part of the week we worked at a home school convention for Doorposts.  While I love Doorposts and all they stand for, working for 3 days in a little booth for 7-9 hours/day only to break even financially after hotel & meal expenses was a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME experience, for sure!!  The last part of the week we took an ill-fated trip to Oklahoma for a wedding – which resulted in a flat tire (and buying 4 new tires to replace dry-rotting ones) and losing our vehicle’s transmission somewhere in Tulsa … and abandoning the car with a mechanic we had no idea if we could trust. Again, God was SO good to us – and 3 weeks later, we got our car back at a reasonable price!   Let’s just say next year, I plan to vacation in Tahiti …  😉  ha!!!!!

July – I found out why I felt so horrible for so long.  While Miriam was FINALLY somewhat sleeping through the night and FINALLY weaned, my hormones were out of whack – and my triglycerides were at 489 … not a good combination.  Time to get serious about my diet – which I did for a week and felt SO MUCH BETTER!!  THEN life got busy again with a Missions Conference at church, and my mom came to stay during that time – with some missionary friends who were a part of the conference.  It was WONDERFUL to have them here though – and I was feeling SO MUCH BETTER at that point too.

August – a first for me:  I got called for Jury Duty! And then, much to my dismay, school started before I felt ready to face a new school year. 

September – Andrew turned 13!!  I have a teenager!
We skipped school one day to go to a corn maze with some homeschooling friends – and enjoyed a bon fire, outdoor lunch, and some fun games.  We then commenced to skip a whole week of school as Dan and I took 3 students and our own kids on a “college trip” to Knoxville (where we conveniently got to see my family!!) and Pensacola, Florida.  🙂

October – My triglycerides were down – but only to 304.  😦  Still  have some work to do! 
And I got dismissed from jury duty!  🙂

November – I held my annual 30 Days of Thanks on my blog.  My Anna turned 11 years old – and I celebrated yet another birthday too.  🙂

December started out as a busy month with something to do almost every day for the first 2 1/2 weeks – and then CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!!  🙂   We had a nice time with friends, celebrating Miriam’s 2nd birthday, with Dan’s parents, and then with my parents who came for Christmas and stayed a week.  Oh, and we celebrated 19 years of marriage too – no small feat these days!!  I’m so thankful we have committed to stay together – forever, for always, no matter what.

Having written all that out, I guess I honestly have to say 2011 wasn’t so bad after all … 🙂 

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  1. Wishing you many more blessings and happiness!Little Susie Home Maker

  2. Jedidja says:

    Great to read your months!

  3. Liebe Conny,ich wünsche dir und deiner Fam. alles Liebe fürs neue Jahr.Herzliche GrüßeBarbara

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