Changes in 2012!

Bloggers everywhere have been talking about the NEW YEAR – and the changes they want to make in 2012.  Some have chosen a word or theme for their year.  Others have posted their resolutions and goals publically. 
I am not sure I’m ready to commit to anything like that this year … but I will tell you about one change going on in our home right now:
We have a standard 1988 oak cabinet – If I were a true DIYer and rich, I’d hire someone to rip the whole thing out and put in something pretty with double sinks.  Since I am not (nor is my husband), I am settling for painting the cabinet. 
Good-bye boring light oak cabinet:
Adeiu gold and ivory hardware!  Over the last weekend, I began to take off cabinet doors and remove drawer pulls.
I picked a color grouping that I liked from the paint section at the local home improvement store – and with a big GULP, I made my paint choice for the cabinet!  Did you know there is such a thing as “Bath and Kitchen paint” – it is a semi-gloss paint that cures in about 4 weeks and then can be wiped down easily and can withstand moisture.
The cabinet color is the bottom one of this sample on the mirror above – it is called RASPBERRY TRUFFLE.  It is brown with just a touch of burgandy/pink.
I like it!!  In fact, I like it so much that I decided to paint the mirror frame the same color:
Right now, I’m working on re-assembling cabinet doors and drawers – complete with new silver hinges for each door …
Completed bathroom pictures to follow.
Next planned projects:
Install a new sink with new, modern looking taps
remove the old wall paper border & paint walls (a color called wistful beige – keeping it neutral)
only after we
re-do the grout around the shower/tub.
Who says I don’t have any goals!!?  🙂
Changes are in progress for 2012 at the HutchHaus!
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