Happy Homemaker Monday – 1/9/2012

Joining Sandra today!

The weather:::

It is 37 degrees outside at almost noon today.  Brrrrrrr!!!  Thankful for the throw-blanket on my couch as I type this blog entry!!
On my reading pile:::
Finishing CABINET OF CURIOSITIES and will start my Bonhoeffer book.  (same as last week)
STILL in Psalms in my Read-Thru-the-Bible at my own pace – getting into the 120’s.  (Psalm 119 was long but such good reminders how important God’s Word is!!)
On my TV:::
Not much … just cartoons for Miriam.  Today it is something NEW to her:  Tom & Jerry.

On the menu for this week:::
oh dear … still haven’t gotten it together yet to menu plan.  😦 

On my to do list:::
Put away and organize my Christmas CDs.  I have a new CD player in my kitchen and hope to keep a basket with CDs nearby.  I am not a musical person, and often I just prefer SILENCE as I work … but I have found my thoughts get away with me if I get too introspective so maybe music WILL help fill my brain with POSITIVE thoughts instead of endless ruminations.

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

I did my mending last night (finally)!!  Replaced a lost button, secured a few loose buttons, and sewed a tie back on Miriam’s dress … not too exciting but necessary!

Looking around the house:::
Cats sitting in the sunshine streaming in the window, Miriam wanting me to read a book RIGHT NOW because I’m obviously NOT paying attention TO HER!!   The clutter is currently tamed – but I need to do some deep cleaning & serious organizing!!

From the camera:::

Something fun to share:::
My 13 year old son and I might get to go to GERMANY over his Spring Break in March!!  I haven’t been back since 2005; my son was born in Wuerzburg, Germany, but we left when he was 4 months old and he hasn’t been back. 

My aunt invited my son to come visit her – and I feel the need to go with him!!  I just wish my whole family could go.  😦

I researched plane tickets last night – and in March the price is SO MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than if we were to go in the Summer.   I can’t believe we might actually get to go THIS SOON!!  I already have my son’s passport pictures – now I need to go apply for his passport!  Mine is still good, thankfully.  🙂

On my prayer list:::
So many family and friends who are going through difficult times – divorce proceedings, divorce final, health issues, wayward children, etc etc …
So many family members who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus as they face their trials.  I don’t know how I could live without HIM. 
Bible verse, Devotional:::

Proverbs 11:3 – The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.

The word perverseness here can be translated to mean DUPLICITY.
du·plic·i·ty (d-pls-t, dy-)

n. pl. du·plic·i·ties


a. Deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech.
b. An instance of deliberate deceptiveness; double-dealing.
2. The quality or state of being twofold or double.
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4 Responses to Happy Homemaker Monday – 1/9/2012

  1. It is well says:

    So excited…hope you and Andrew get to make that trip to Germany! We would love to go back someday.

  2. Hallo,bei euch scheint die Sonne. Toll. Bei uns regnet es andauernd. Du bist in den Ferien in Deutschland, das ist ja schön. Lg.Barbara

  3. Sandra says:

    How exciting, I do hope you're able to go to Germany in March, what a wonderful trip ;)Love the picture 🙂

  4. Wow, you have sunshine there …I´m jealous ;)Hier regnet es nur und ist den ganzen Tag dunkel. Deine Sonnenscheinbilder sehen so ungewohnt und schön aus.Wie schön, dass du die Möglichkeit hast in den Ferien nach Deutschland zu kommen!!!Das freut mich für euch.♥liche GrüßeStefanie

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