Snowy-Non-Snow Day

This morning we woke up to a light layer of SNOW! 
Sadly, it wasn’t enough to cancel school.
Because Andrew had to be at school super early to leave for a basketball tournament, I was responsible for getting Anna to school.  We left extra early to get there on time – and thankfully traffic was light.  I did slide just a little at the end of the interstate exit ramp – but I knew I would.  Our vehicle(s) aren’t made for snow AT ALL; my little Saturn Vue is particularly light and doesn’t have good traction.

I think this is the first time Miriam has really realized what SNOW is, and it was quite the sensory experience as she checked out the fluffy white stuff this morning.  It was pretty brrrrrr on her toes and mushy to touch (she tried to throw pieces of snow in the trash can!), but it tasted ok when she put some in her mouth.

Unfortunately, we’ve got lots of things on the schedule today – so we can’t hunker down at home … although my creamy (sugar free) hazelnut coffee tastes particularly yummy on this cold, snowy morning!

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4 Responses to Snowy-Non-Snow Day

  1. we haven't got snow this year but still can come last year was so heavy couldn't get to work and the traffic was all unaccesable.. love looking at your little daughter..seems to me its too cold to walk without socks..loli can see you lived in a very nice house and neighborhood…loves soraya

  2. Miriam says:

    Liebe Conny,gerade habe ich deinen Blog gefunden,was für ein genialer Name für einen Blog :-)Schön ist es hier, ich bleibe noch ein wenig und geniesse die Streifzüge mit meiner kleinen Namensvetterin.Und Schnee, ja den hätten wir auch gerne. Meine Tochter singt schon seit Wochen "Schneeglöckchen, Weisröckchen", es fällt aber leider nur Regen.Liebe Grüße Miriam

  3. Liebe Conny,oh, wie schön ihr habt Schnee. Wir hätten hier auch gerne mal Schnee. Letztes Jahr hatten wir soviel Schnee und dieses Jahr regnet es nur.LgBarbara

  4. Michelle G says:

    Brrr!~ would be easier to plan if it were LOTS or NONE huh?! :)Stay warm :)Michelle

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