Dear Diary:

I just woke up from a 2 hour Saturday afternoon nap!  Much needed – and while I’m still hiding from my family ;), I thought I’d take advantage of the QUIET to reminisce about the last few days:

I love the friends God has put into my life.  Sometimes I want to sing the old Girl Scout song about:
“Make new friends but keep the old – the one is silver and the other gold” because I have friends who have known me for many, many years and still love me despite all they know about me – but lately God has brought some ladies into my life in an interesting mix of one I have known for years but didn’t really “hang out” with and new ladies who have invited me into their homes.  While Dan has been gone this week to a conference in Kansas City, the kids and I spent much of Wednesday with this mixed group and while the kids played, we visited, shared, and best of all prayed together. 

On Thursday, my kids and I divided ourselves among 2 vans and drove a big group of 4 ladies with 10 kids among us to a near-by city to shop.  The Christian used bookstore there was beginning its bi-annual inventory reduction/clearance sale and with my 40% off coupon, my children were able to get quite a few books – and I got 2 books on a topic I am currently interested in (more about that in a few weeks, perhaps, after I’ve read these books).  Since we’d driven 80 miles one way, we, of course, had to make it worth our while!!  And so we continued to shop – and found that JCPenney was having a wonderful clearance sale – men’s shirts that were supposedly $50 originally were being sold for $2 and $4!!  Same for girls’ clothes … and I didn’t even get to the ladies’ department to see the “bargains” there.   Dan, Andrew, and Anna got some nice additions to their wardrobes. 

Being the bargain hunters that we are, we also hit the local Goodwill there and a “jewelry” store where almost everything is $1 to include fun hair accessories that Anna liked.  My kind of shopping these days!  We ate at CiCi’s pizza where one of the boys in our group ate 27 pieces of pizza (oh the joys of a fast metabolism) and another ate like 24, another 17, and my son ate 3 pieces of pizza (but 4 bread sticks!LOL).  My favorite part is the dessert pizza!!

Friday morning, we hit the ground running at our house!  Having been so busy most of the week, my house needed a major cleaning – especially since the in-laws were coming later that day. It was an “all hands on deck” kind of morning.  I made a yummy new recipe that I may share on my blog later for supreme scalloped potatoes, which my father-in-law declared to be his favorite potato dish.  My husband came home Friday night – yeh!!! – and we stayed up way too late talking and catching up that night. 

Today my in-laws took us to lunch at a local Chinese buffet, which leads us to my nap.  🙂  And now I’m ready for some much needed “just us” family time and calm as the in-laws have gone home.

I’ve heard it may snow here on Sunday night … and I’m dreaming of and praying for a SNOW DAY on Monday.  I think I’m as bad as or worse than the kids when it comes to wishing for snow days!  I’d love to have a quiet day at home with my husband and kids to drink hot chocolate, eat yummy home-cooked food, watch movies, and be cozy and lazy because despite how much I enjoyed all the activities we’ve been involved in this past week – and am looking forward to some exciting adventures coming up (GIRL TRIP to Chicago very soon!!) – my very very very favorite palce to be is AT HOME WITH MY FAMILY.  🙂

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5 Responses to Dear Diary:

  1. Rochelle says:

    Hi Conny, I'm so glad to see you are keeping things going with your blog. I have so missed checking in. I have much admiration for your Saturday afternoon nap. I so wish I could make myself do that some days. Safe travels back home and as always thanks for your dedication to commenting on my blog.

  2. This is such a fun post. Sounds like you all had a great time. I love gettimg the kids and hurring up with a brisk house cleaning. The snow keeps falling out here in Colorado. Maybe you will get your snow day.I also, wanted to stop by and give you an award. Please stop by my blog when you have time and pick it up!Blessings,Susie

  3. My Kid's Mom says:

    Hi – I'm nowhere near Chicago and really don't know where to tell you to go. If it were Christmas time I'd say the German Winterfest but that's about the only time I make the trip:(

  4. Yay for getting a nap! I wish I could fit one in once in a while 🙂 And how in the world can anyone fit 27 pieces of pizza in their stomach?!?

  5. My Kid's Mom says:

    I agree that the best times are those spent at home with your family.

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