An Every Day Valentine

So, they tell me Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Actually, I knew that – but somehow with all the busy-ness of my life recently and the upcoming busy-ness of this week, I kind of pushed it aside.  The blogs are full of beautiful crafts, recipes for heart-shaped food items, and suggestions on how to spoil your family on Valentine’s Day.  How could I forget?!

When we got to church this morning, there were several people dressed in red … I didn’t really think about it until I saw a friend’s family and her husband had on a heart-covered tie.  DUH – Valentine’s Day is in TWO DAYS!  I guess you might say this is “Valentine’s Sunday” or as this friend’s husband said so sweetly, “it is Valentine’s week.” 

As our family sat – my son in his BLACK shirt, me in a matching black dress, and my husband in a gray suit – amid the red and pink and heart-covered congregation this morning, I felt a little bah-humbug.  I came home to read an article on-line about how important it is to celebrate special days and holidays for your children to always have those memories.  I used to do those things – back in the day – hang heart cutouts from the ceiling and put red candles on the dining room table and buy cards far in advance … but in the last 7 years, I have somehow lost my motivation.  Holidays just seem like too much work. 

I was prompted to go to the local Walmart(s) today and buy some cards and candy for my husband and kids.   I do love my family – and I think about how seldom I make an effort to let them know.  Right now we are in a season of life that is just busy.  Last week we were – granted somewhat of our own volition – somewhere every day, afternoon, or evening – or all of them.  As a bone fide homebody, that just does not work well with my slow brain and tired body.  Even the 2 hour nap yesterday only served to fill my sleep deficit from the insomnia the night before, but I was still SO TIRED today (time to bulk up on my supplements for more energy?). 

With a toddler who continues to be off-again, on-again with her sleeping schedule, it sure doesn’t help.  I miss nap time for HER!  For example, this morning, she “slept in” (because she went to bed late last night) – and then didn’t take a nap again at all.  When I finally put her down for bed at 9:00 p.m., she screamed and cried so hard and so long that she eventually threw up.  At this point – half an hour later – I was at my wit’s end again.

My husband, who had fallen asleep on the couch, got up, put his hands on my shoulders, pushed me towards our room, and told me to “go to bed.”  While he didn’t mean “go to sleep,” it was his way of saying, “I’ve got it.”  This is love in the every day.  This is worth more than a dozen roses on a man-thought-up holiday designed to make Hallmark, jewelers, florists, and other retailers a lot of money!

And while he cleaned up the vomit and rocked a mad baby to sleep, I realized that his daily acts of love and taking care of us – and of me in particular – mean more than fancy cards, jewelry we can’t afford, and decadent chocolate.  Although, should my husband choose to give me some decadent chocolate on Tuesday, I sure wouldn’t mind. 🙂

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  1. It is well says:

    Well said! After strolling through the Valentine's section at our Walmart(s)…:),all I could think of was how CHEESY it all is! I mean, it's fine for kids, but really who needs a stuffed animal holding a heart or a pink nightgown with puppies all over it?! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate gifts, but they are just not my love language. Instead of candy and flowers, I'd much rather just go on a date and spend some time with my hubby. I feel kind of sorry for the men who are pressured to buy expensive jewelry at this time of year when they may not have even paid off the Christmas gifts yet! When Rob rubbed my tense-from-coughing-for-days back and massaged my sore muscles, that showed true love to me this week. And I wholeheartedly agree that cleaning up vomit and rocking a fussy baby are love letters to a tired mommy! We both have super Valentines every day of the year….aren't we lucky?!

  2. melanie says:

    Awww ~ ♥ ~So true, Conny! So glad you also got a Good Guy : )

  3. Ha ha, I hope you get some chocalate!Blessings,Susie

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