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I had a quick check-up with my doctor today.  My last triglyceride check wasn’t very good … and in fact, the levels are going back up again to dangerously high #’s.  It frustrates me as I was determined to help myself with natural products and plans of grandeur to lose some weight – but I never got around to actually BUYING more supplements after running out of them and though I lost 4 lbs, I have stalled there as well.  I guess my daily dose of oatmeal (along with my must-have poptart!) wasn’t doing me much good …
aside from the fact that my cholesterol levels are down and looking great!!  Flirt male
My doctor is located in a town about 60 miles away – near a great shopping area.    Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time to shop today – but I did get in a Target run.  Miriam was a great traveler today … on the drive up, she entertained me by singing along to our CD and “reading” books and digging thru her “purse” which she recently has insisted toting along about everywhere! 
Miriam was also a terrific shopper at Target.  I had a scheme to get the most for my money/coupons which meant we went in, bought certain items, in particular diapers for which I not only had a coupon, but I also got a free $5 Target gift card for buying a certain size box.  THEN, we had to bring that loot out to the car and return to buy the rest of the things I wanted and actually use the $5 gift card.  Smile

I actually found a decent DRESS on clearance – in a lovely plum/aborigine (eggplant) color– that actually fit me – and I had a 20% off that brand of clothing coupon (Merona).  In the end, I paid $7-ish for the dress – and pretending I applied my gift card to that purchase, I really only paid about $2!!  Finally – bargain shopping is working out a little bit for me!! 

Miriam was such a good girl during my doctor consultation – in which my doctor assured me that I wasn’t doing anything detrimental to my health, causing my triglyceride levels to explode, I just have inherent “fat blood”.  He discussed how to reduce the levels and will see me in 3 months.  And so, we promptly went to McDonald’s for a late lunch.  I don’t usually buy Happy Meals, but this week the toys are from Build-A-Bear, and I knew Miriam would enjoy that.  BTW, I love that McD’s is putting apples in happy meals now & has a smaller size of fries.  It is perfect for Miriam (and me as I’m not so tempted to have to finish off her fries!!). 

Miriam took a good nap on the ride home … and I had some quiet time to just think things through and say some prayers for some matters on my mind and for a friend who had surgery today. 

I had a fun day with my Miri-yummy … and I look forward to – hopefully – many, many more bargain-shopping trips with her in the future! 

Found the below pic on pinterest …. yeh, I get it!!

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  1. melanie says:

    ha ha ~ love the cartoon."Did you find everything you needed?"Yes, and a whole lot more! ;-)Wowsa on the dress bargain!Sorry about the blood test numbers :-\Cute pics of your cute Mimi 😀

  2. HOOTIN ANNI says:

    Hello…sorry, I'm a day late in responding to your visit/comment from yesterday. First – your hodgepodge answers….I think everyone agrees with that child's lunch. It certainly made us both mad, didn't it? I'm still irked about it all. Your 'girls trip' to Chicago…a great city. I haven't been there in years and years. Ohhhhhhhh, and I love your answer to "honor"…wow, very right on and quite poignant. Love it.Now…back to this post for the day —your little one is just too darned cute for words. I LOVE the photos you've shared. What a sweet, adorable child.

  3. sounds like a great day!Mirium is so pretty

  4. Karoline says:

    Liebe Conny, ich wünsche Dir, das sich Deine Gesundheit nach Deinen Wünschen positiv entwickelt. Manchmal muss man ganz andere Wege beschreiten, an die man vorher nicht gedacht hat!Liebe GrüßeKaroline

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