$2.00 to Get It Together?

If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you may have heard me say I’m hoping to GET IT TOGETHER some day … I’ve been saying this for about 2 or 3 or 20 years now.  The more stuff we accumulate, the more books my husband (ahem!) buys, the more children we have, the more the clutter stacks up. 

Right now my goals in life are simple:  (1) feed my family, (2) clothe my family in clean clothes, and (3) love my family.  That’s about all I can handle some days.  Yes, I’m “HOME” most days as a SAHM, but somehow I find calendar full of appointments or volunteer to work a few hours at my old office job, or I start a project or cleaning out of something and an ever-present, clinging 2 year old NEEDS something.  Why can’t she be glued to the TV like most kids … if I leave the room, she HAS TO follow me, if I’m doing something besides sitting right by her, she has to be nosey in what I’m working on – no matter that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is on with splashy colors and catchy songs.  *sigh*  (just kidding … sort of.)

Some days I just ignore my clutter and stacks – and occasionally I get the cleaning-out bug – and I deliver boxes and garbage bags to the dumpster and Goodwill.  But somehow, the clutter goes on.  

Well, thanks to moneysavingmom.com, I am investing $2.00 to attempt to GET IT TOGETHER once and for all (or at least partially and temporarily).  Crystal Payne has recommended an e-Book by Dana White, a self-declared “slob who has come free” that can help you get things running a little smoother in 28 days.  I don’t really think of myself as a slob … but perhaps the stacks of STUFF every where in my home beg to differ?! 

Dana White is offering us “28 Days to Hope for Your Home” … and for MY home.  And I’m jumping on board – for $2.00 – the cost of 2 dollar items at McDonald’s (minus the tax, that is!).  It can’t hurt … it might help!
Interested??  Want to invest 28 days and $2 into your home??  Join me! 
This eBook is normally $7.99.  Dana White is offering it for $4.00 right now … but if you buy it TODAY OR TOMORROW (Feb 28 or 29, 2012) and use the coupon code HOPE, you can download this eBook for ONLY $2.00 (said in my best television commercial voice). 

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Follow the link above ^ to get your copy of “28 Days to Hope for Your Home”.  I used paypal and was able to download my eBook right away.   I will be reading it NOW – but I really can’t implement it until I get back from my upcoming trip to Germany … so I’m shooting for a start date of March 20 or somewhere around there – after I get over jetlag. 

DISCLOSURE:  Yes, I’m an affiliate for ejunkie and would receive a small (tiny, minor – but every little bit helps) compensation IF you follow the link above to purchase your eBook for $2.00

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  1. Michelle G says:

    Oh man! I'm in! you gotta have HOPE!~ :)Just purchased a copy and cant wait to down load it at home!…now if I can get to the computer desk for all the piles of paperwork :)M

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