Germany – Days 1-3

Our Germany adventure began on Wednesday (day 1), even though we didn’t actually get to Germany until Thursday morning (day 2).
Andrew & I had wonderful flights from St. Louis to Detroit (a city I have never been to!) and then from Detroit to Frankfurt.
The tail winds must have been in our favor, and our should-have-been 8 hour flight was only 7 1/2 hours!!  We arrived 30 minutes early and could not even “park” at our gate as the previous plane was still there.
My goal was to stay awake all day Thursday despite not having slept very much on the plane the night before so I could get into “German time” easily.  My aunt and uncle picked us up at the airport (well, they were there – they don’t have a car so they helped us navigate the public transportation).   We checked into our hotel room (which is adorable and perfect for us!) and then went to a nearby cafe’ where my father was waiting for us. 
After coffee and cake, we went to my aunt & uncle’s apartment and spent the afternoon catching up and talking (and Andrew took a nap).  We also had supper – a Frankfurter specialty:  a boiled egg, boiled potatoes, and gruene Sosse (green sauce):
[ The Frankfurt-style is made from hard-boiled eggs, oil, vinegar, salt, and generous amount of seven fresh herbs, namely borage, sorrel, garden cress, chervil, chives, parsley, and salad burnet. The sauce is served cold with peeled boiled potatoes as an accompaniment to hard-boiled eggs. ]
After 12+ hours of blissful sleep in our comfy beds, we were ready for Day 3 (Friday).  Our hotel serves a really nice, typical German breakfast with rolls, cheeses, cold cuts plus muesli, eggs, sausage – and even bacon.
My father met us after breakfast, and we walked around the city center of Frankfurt for quite a while to include the famous Roemer, Frankfurt’s city hall.
Then we took a walk down Memory Lane to the area of Frankfurt where my grandparents lived and where I spent every summer as a child.  My grandparents and uncle are buried there now.
We also walked to the apartment building where they lived, which has now been completely renovated – but it is still there.
Currently, we are “resting” in our hotel room – but soon we’ll be meeting up with my aunt, uncle, their son, and my father for a “family dinner” at a restaurant that our family has eaten at numerous times in the last 30 or more years, Der Adler (the Eagle) in Ginnheim.
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  1. wow mrs connie glad i took a look on your blog…with all these cliches i had like 3 times to make another blog..little confusing but here i am…i saw the pictures of your trip to germany lovely! myself have been a lot in hamburg…i love it…its different from holland…actually dutch people still thinking the hitler time…specially christians who now the story of corrie ten boom…nice to post here again…blessings

  2. Karoline says:

    Liebe Conny, man sieht es Euch an, wie sehr ihr Euren Besuch genießt! Ich wünsche Euch noch wundervolle Tage in Deutschland!Lieben Gruß Karoline

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