Germany – Days 5-8

My son Andrew has now been on most every form of transportation possible on this trip:  plane, subway, street car, bus, ship/ferry, car, and various trains (S-bahn city train, Regionalbahn regional train, and the fast ICE, inter-city express).  That in and of itself has been a highlight of this trip for him!!  We still need to find a motorcycle for him to catch a ride on!! LOL

Sunday found us on the S-bahn to a station near my Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle’s home near Darmstadt, a small area called Dieburg/Muenster.  We got picked up by my great-uncle and met up with my great-aunt and their daughter, who is actually 2 years younger than me.  She and her sister (my age) have become good friends over the years as we have visited each other – they too came to America to visit us! 

We spent the day eating … a lot!!  My great-aunt is a good cook and very generous hostess.  We toured the quaint town of Dieburg and had coffee.  Later there was more coffee and cake … which Andrew was sure was our dinner as we’d have so much to eat already!  But no, at 8 o’clock we still ate supper with breads, cheeses, and yummy meats/cold cuts. 

Monday we took the ICE from Darmstadt and then transferred in Stuttgart to a regional train to get to Southern Germany, Ravensburg, near the Austrian Alps and Lake Constance to visit another great-aunt and uncle.   <– I’ve since learned the English name comes from one of the major cities on the lake which is named Konstanz (Constance in German!). 

After having coffee with another 2nd counsin of mine (again, more my age) and his family, we drove around a little and ate dinner. 

Tuesday was very busy shopping in the morning, then going on to the Pfaender which is a mountain destination just inside the Austrian border, at the foothills of the Alps!  The weather was sunny, and we were fortunate the snow had melted early this year and we could go up the windy road to the top. 

Later we drove back down and to the seaside town of Meersburg where we had lunch – currywurst and pommes frites (french fries).  Then we took the ferry across Lake Constance, a short ride, and after coffee and cake on the other side, we went back.

Sadly, by dinner time, I was overcome with a horrible migraine that I’d been trying to ignore all afternoon.  I couldn’t eat my dinner 😦 and had to go back to the apartment and lay down.  Thankfully, my meds kicked in after an hour or so rest – and I found Andrew having a blast watching German Fussball (soccer) with my great-uncle.  🙂

On Wednesday, we were able to drive and walk around the town of Ravensburg for a few hours and then after a simple lunch of soup and salad, we got back on our respective trains back to Frankfurt.  We checked back into our cute little hotel (same room!) and got some dinner from a nearby grocery store.  I also talked to Dan – and am sad as they all have the stomach flu.  😦 😦 😦 😦

Much later this morning (Thursday), we will be walking around Frankfurt with my aunt and uncle again.  We are going to the weekly market in the city and also my aunt and uncle are going to vote (?? not sure for what??).  It’s been a relaxing morning, which is just what we needed after all the traveling and sight-seeing in the last 3 or 4 days!!

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  2. melanie says:

    Sounds great… minus the migraine and the flu!

  3. Hi Conny,Loving all your great pictures on your wonderful trip!Blessings,Susie

  4. Miriam says:

    Liebe Conny,Dieburg ist eine schöne Stadt, ich mag sie sehr, besonders die Zuckergasse und der Marktplatz, da sind so schöne Geschäfte.Ihr habt ja wirklich viel erlebt, wow.Solltet ihr am Wochenende noch da sein, ist dein Sohn herzlich eingeladen, bei meinem Göttergatten auf dem Motorrad mit zu fahren.:-))))Viel Spaß noch und dir gute BesserungMiriam

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