Germany–Day 11

Today was our last full day in Germany …

We started the day with my aunt and uncle.  My uncle had his 81st birthday yesterday and so we spent a little while talking with him.  He was not able to go with us on our city adventure for the day. 
It was another gorgeous day in Frankfurt.  We took the subway to hub in the city and walked over the Main River to the other side to a part of town called Sachsenhausen. 
My aunt had reserved a table in a quaint old restaurant that has been open since 1913!  I already knew I was ordering “Rippchen mit Kraut,” a Frankfurt specialty that is cooked rib meat with sauerkraut – mine came with potato puree’ and fresh apple juice. 
Our reason for coming to this lovely restaurant was to meet up with my (half) brother whom I haven’t seen in probably 25 years!  We spent the next 3 hours catching up on each others’ lives and families. 
He has a lovely wife and a very cute son who is 12 years old.  He and Andrew immediately connected – literally and personally – via their Nintendo DS games.  No language barriers there. 
After a nice time with this part of the family, we met up once again with my 2nd cousins (the one I had not seen yet; the other I’d seen last Sunday) for MORE Spaghettieis in the city:
And after walking around for a while, we ended up sharing pizzas in a lovely Italian restaurant.  BEST pizza I’ve eaten in a long time.  These 2 sisters kept us laughing, and we had a really nice time together.  They drove us back to our hotel, where I sadly had to finish up my packing.  (So thankful I bought that little suitcase in Wuerzburg or else everything might not have made it back with us!)
It has been an amazing trip of a lifetime.  I have enjoyed reconnecting with so many of my family members from various sides of the family tree!  I certainly hope I can come back to Germany again soon. 

Tomorrow several family members are planning on being at the airport and as much as I dread the good-byes, I can’t help but smile as I think of the HELLOs that will be waiting for us once we finally make it back to St. Louis! 

Although as my son said, we’d actually like to stay in Germany a little longer … we just wish someone would send over Dan, Anna, and Miriam!!  Smile

Auf wiedersehen, Deutschland. 

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2 Responses to Germany–Day 11

  1. Maribeth says:

    You'll have so much to share with them when you are home! I know you have missed them, but what a great trip with your son!!!

  2. Miriam says:

    Liebe Conny,vielen dank für den schönen Reisebericht, es hat Spaß gemacht, in Gedanken mit durch Würzburg zu laufen, ich liebe diese Stadt.Und Sachsenhausen ist natürlich ein muss für jeden, der Frankfurt besucht :-)Ich wünsche euch beiden einen guten Heimflug und das du bald deine Lieben wieder drücken kannst.Liebe GrüßeMiriam

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