Ok, Sure, Why Not??

Several of my “blogging friends” … who probably don’t even know I exsist … are joining an April feature called:

and since I am a lacking for material at the moment, I figure, why not join in!!   I am actually NOT lacking for material, quite honestly; my brain is full and overflowing – but it is nothing I am able to share in detail just quite yet. 

Hopefully one day soon I will have some neat stories to tell about how God has led us all the way and worked for His glory and our good!!   For now, we are praying about and working towards several decisions, goals, and changes for our family’s future.  🙂

I’m already 2 days behind … I missed A on April 1st:

A is for ARMY!   When I got married my husband had just been accepted on an ROTC active duty scholarship in the Army Medical Service Corps.  He’d already been in the National Guard for 2 years … and we got married soon after he completed a Basic Course – and moved to BEAUTIFUL Ft. Ord, California!!  I’d never been west of the Mississippi River so that was quite exciting.  Dan is from Iowa, so to live RIGHT by the Pacific Ocean was amazing to him as well.  We could glimspe the dunes from our little studio apartment!  What a place to start married life!  We moved to beautiful Washington State soon after that …

In the years that followed, the Army afforded us so many opportunities and places to live – from the West Coast to the East Coast and in between … and Germany!!  In 2005, Dan resigned his commission to do what he always wanted to do (potentially planned for after retirement – but the proverbial “door” opened wide!) to work in a Christian school ministry. 
As God continues to work and open and close those “doors”, Dan has now applied to finish up his Army service in the Reserves.  There is a selection board meeting TODAY to decide his fate – although I know God already knows the answer and is just having us wait on His timing to reveal it to us!

We’ve been in the application process since October of 2011 when a recruiter contacted Dan (unsolicited!!) about applying.  We figured that might be God’s way of moving us towards some kind of help with our retirement – if we ever achieve one – and allow Dan to finish up his military career, as he is only 5 years shy of qualifying for retirement and benefits.   If he doesn’t get in, there are some other benefits to this process as Dan has gone through some thorough medical exams, lost 30 lbs, and updated his resume’ and thought a lot about our family’s future direction. 

B is for BLESSINGS …
So undeserved … and yet, God blesses.  Amazing.  Easter and Spring time make me thankful for new life … especially new life in Christ.   Today I was thinking about my life right now – even with its uncertainties, there is NOTHING I would change about it … Every difficulty, every trying period, every stupid thing I’ve done or misguided decision I’ve made, every person I’ve met has had a purpose, designed by God.  My life isn’t perfect … but it is perfect for me!!

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4 Responses to Ok, Sure, Why Not??

  1. Sounds like a lot is going on. I am glad that you have faith that God will put or keep you where you need to be. You are very blessed. You husband sounds really great.And BTW he lost 30 lbs! Good for him!Blessings,Susie

  2. melanie says:

    Exciting times! What is the realistic time frame you might hear back on the decision??

  3. Renee says:

    Why was I thinking Chaplain? I guess because he works at a Christian school…. I need more caffeine. Wait it's too late for that now; I guess I Just need to sleep 🙂

  4. Renee says:

    Wow, Reserves as a chaplain? Sounds like a recipe for deployment. I remember being at 15yrs and wanting so desperately to be done with the Army but we couldn't walk away from the retirement so stuck it out… thankfully it worked out that Scott got a good job after retiring this past summer and even VA benefits

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