Letter of the Day: D

So, yesterday, I thought Blogging from A-Z was a great idea … today I’m at a total loss.  D??  What D word can I write about?   I want to write something of substance and not just ramble (not that this has ever stopped me from rambling anyway …).  D – D – D … hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

D is for DANCING:

Not that our family dances a whole lot – or at all.  Unless you count that cold February night in Chicago when Anna and I got caught up with some big band music among a group of swing dancers in a warming tent in Millennium Park … But you can’t deny that God gives us rhythm and the need to move our bodies sometimes … even just to tap our feet or clap along.  One sees it most innocently in babies and toddlers.  I love it when a fun song from a commercial or cartoon introduction takes over Miriam, and she dances in joyful circles with a big grin on her face, her little chubby arms spread wide, and her feet stomping along to the music.  She does it every time when the theme song to Curious George comes on – it is kind of a swing dancing type of song!!  It is apparently in my girls’ blood.

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