Letter of the Day: E

E is for EASTER!!
Now, that was Easy …
But Easter isn’t always easy.  When I was younger and Andrew and Anna were little, I had more energy and time and money, and the kids had matching Easter outfits and I decorated the house and we wrote Easter cards and we had Easter egg hunts and the big ham dinner with all the fixin’s. 

(April 2004 – Andrew age 5 1/2 & Anna age 3)
That was a long time ago … and now the kids just wear something we already have in the closet and my decorations are gathering dust in the attic and I forgot to buy a ham … We did manage to dye a few eggs, but otherwise, Easter is pretty boring this year and we won’t even be home for a few days to catch up or do crafts or write cards …
And yet, that doesn’t mean that Easter is any less meaningful.  Just because I got old and tired and ran out of money and ideas for clothes and decorations, doesn’t mean that Easter’s real message can’t be celebrated every day in our hearts.  The messasge of Easter – Jesus rose from the dead to give us all new life in Him can be told every day, any day!!  You don’t even need to be wearing a new dress to share it …
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  1. Maribeth says:

    That is exactly the point. Be ye the richest person, or the poorest…Jesus loves you and died for your sins!Blessings to you and your family this Easter, Connie!

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