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I did not post yesterday … but I am actually NOT behind!  I found out that we didn’t have to post a letter of the day on Sunday … so I’m still up to par with everyone else who is participating in:

J is for JESUS

I was introduced to Him for the first time in Vacation Bible School the summer after 3rd grade, I think it was … June 1979.  The teacher – her name was Mrs. Fletcher – told our class the reason WHY Jesus had to die on the cross.  It was because He loved us sinners … and boy, did I know I was a sinner!!  She also told us how He wanted to forgive our sins if we just prayed and asked him to!  If we did that, He promised to be with us in our hearts all our life and then give us a home in Heaven for all eternity!  I knew immediately that is what I wanted, what I needed. 

Even though I had the opportunity to pray with the teacher that morning, being an introvert even as a child, I opted to wait until I got home to talk to Jesus by myself.  This was serious stuff.  I had rode the bus to VBS – and when I was dropped off at my house, my neighbor-friend asked me if I wanted to come over and play … but I said I couldn’t.  I had more important things to do. 

That day, I knelt by my bed and asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my life.  What He did in me and in my family afterwards has been nothing but amazing!!  My parents started going to the church that I had attended and soon they too were wanting to follow Jesus.  As we grew in our relationship with Jesus and with each other, we tried to do what was right according to God’s Word – my parents made sure I had a Christian education – and I married a man who also follows Jesus and His Word.

JESUS – He changed my life … Do you know Him?

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  1. Awesome, Connie! What a pretty story. I do love it indeed! Just a little third grader doing great things! Yes, he will change our lives if we let Him. It is up to us to let Him work :)Blessings,Susie

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