Letter of the Day: L

Today I’m feeling a little like Dr. Seuss, searching for something to do say about “L”:

“Big L, Little l … What begins with L?  Lion with a lollipop … L, L, L.” 
(from Dr. Seuss’ ABC Book)

I’m thinking L is for LOTS of things in my LIFE:

Little things … sometimes I do sweat them, even though I shouldn’t.  Sometimes I am thankful for them because after all, we may some day realize the little things really were BIG things?!

Lists – Brenda mentioned them in her post today – and I need my lists.  I have several – not that I always follow them – but I do make lists.  They make me at least FEEL organized even though I’m not.

Love – ahhhhhhhhh, amore’ and sometimes agape – so much love all around me:  my family, God, my learning to love as Christ loved (slow process!!) through this book:  Becoming a Woman Who Loves by Cynthia Heald.

Learning – you’re never too old to learn … more about something or someone or just in general!  I often learn by my mistakes *sigh*!!   

Leaning and Listening – I’ve been doing a lot of that with God lately.

Lotion – because my skin is so dry (that was random?!) – but I have to have lotion every day, several times a day!! 

Lunch – it is a meal I neglect a lot.  I usually make sure Miriam has something good for her lunch – she’s in a noodle phase right now (mac-n-cheese, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti) with a piece of fruit and maybe something else … but I’m so uninspired to make myself something good to eat.  I have long ago tired of sandwiches – unless someone invites me to Panera!! – and there are usually leftovers in the fridge … but somehow eating lunch just seems like a boring waste of time.  :-/  And thus I “graze” on whatever I come across:  a few potato chips, a cheese stick, chocolate chip cookies, a cutie or two or three or five (I love them!!), cereal – dry, or Miriam’s raisins.  Maybe I need to make a LIST of nutritious lunches for me to eat!!? 

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2 Responses to Letter of the Day: L

  1. Sara H says:

    Funny, I feel the same way about lists. Got lots of them, makes me feel like I've got it somewhat together. 😀

  2. April says:

    I enjoyed this post, Conny…and learning more interesting things about you!

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