Letter of the Weekend: M

M is for MONDAY
I actually like Mondays.  While I love the weekend, when my little family is finally all together again, Mondays represent the return to my normal.  For five days each week, I am a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom … and I love it!   I’ve had a variety of interesting and challenging jobs outside the home over the last 20 years from retail to working in a library and most often office and accounting jobs – but I always hated Mondays.  My homebody tendencies always made me long for the comfort and safety of down time at home on the weekends, which always seemed so far away on Monday morning. 
I only ever wanted to be a wife and mom … and I love having my kids and husband home with me – but after a busy or lazy or crazy or productive or not-even-home weekend, it seems like my house is usually somewhat upside down no matter what we’ve done.  Monday puts me back in charge.  It is my schedule, my routine, my pace (even if we have appointments or obligations).  It is my comfort zone.  I am back to my cup of coffee and Bible in the morning (if I can manage to get up before Miriam) and puttering around, making my lists, and cleaning here and there along the way!  Blogging and facebooking and obeying Miriam’s whims, watching her play, reading books, and blowing soap bubbles.  And after all that, I am ready for my favorite time of day – the late afternoon when my older kids are done with school and my husband is home from work – and we are all together again.   

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2 Responses to Letter of the Weekend: M

  1. Yes, I agree. There seems to be order on Monday. Looking forward to the week. For me, it has always been laundry day.Blessings,Susie

  2. Angie says:

    I feel exactly the same way about Mondays. It's probably my favorite day of the week. Then things start to unravel. :)I love when the first day of a month falls on a Monday. I think I can conquer anything on that day…such a fresh start.

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