Letters: O & P

I guess I got behind somehow … not that anyone is monitoring me and going to beat me up if I don’t do this A-Z thing properly … but my sense of needing to complete a task the right way forces me to adhere to the rules even if no one is making me!! 

O is for ONLY

Hymns come to mind:
ONLY trust Him …
ONLY Jesus can satisfy your soul …

and songs on the less spiritual side:

ONLY you (sung by The Platters) and
ONLY the lonely (know the way I feel) – sung by Roy Orbison …

then there’s Tigger:
and T-i-double gah – RRRRRRR – that spells Tigger – and I’m the ONLY one. 🙂

P is for PLAY

As in a dramatic production!
Our Christian school presented the play About Face tonight at church.  My son played the part of a German Sergeant and while he only had one line and was in one scene, we thought he did a TERRIFIC job!! 
This play takes place in 1938 Germany:

(the cast after the play)

The plot:
Drawn into Hitler’s youth army, Karl scorns his Christian adoptive parents, but his misplaced ideals are later shattered by a revelation about his past.

It is a little disconcerting to see my son in a Nazi uniform complete with swastika … but you have to read about the plot of the play to know that it did not glorify the Nazis in any way.
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2 Responses to Letters: O & P

  1. You are such a mom! I love it!My son has been dressed as a British Red Coat, and Kit Carson, I made the costumes. You son looks great, but I know he is not a Nazi! How could he with a mom that recites Tigger?

  2. April says:

    "Only Trust Him"…love it! Sure sounds like an interesting and informative play!

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