Letters: Q & R

Q is for QUIET:

Once upon a time I was defined as “quiet” … but then I grew up and now I’m not so much any more.  I probably should revert back to that characteristic more often though!!  :-X

I thrive on QUIET … My favorite time of day is when my family has settled down for the night, and I stay up another hour or two … or three, depending on my insomnia level.  Sometimes I’m full of energy, and I finish up those chores that I can’t get to during the day – and sometimes, I just sit and watch a TV show or DVD that I want to – that doesn’t involve cartoons or sports!!  🙂  Of course, there’s always my blog, your blogs, pinterest, and facebook – or a good, old-fashioned book! 

My best days are the ones when I wake up BEFORE Miriam and have my quiet time with my cup of coffee alone.  I guess devotional time with Bible reading and prayer is often called “QUIET time” … a time to be STILL and know that He is God.  (Psalm 46:10)

R is for REALLY

Really?  It is FRIDAY again … another week gone by!  Yes, really.

Really?  I just this morning got all the laundry put away … the laundry that I washed on MONDAY!?  Yep, really.

So, now my kids don’t have school uniforms for this coming Monday AGAIN?!  Really??!  Sadly, really …

Really?  There are “feminists” who are bashing the new Lego Friends line??!  My daughter just got several sets of these from my trip to Germany from me and some relatives (they sell at Target and here in the US as well).  We LOVE THEM!!!!  I’d rather have my daughter building with Legos than sitting around watching TV anyday (and REALLY, currently she is banned from all media anyway until she gets it together with her homework!).
I honestly hope this article above generates so much interest in Lego Friends that they sell a ton of them !!!!  Yep, I really said that!  🙂

I should get off this computer and go clean or organize something!!  Really!!!

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  1. Quiet- yes, I enjoy my quiet time as well! Especially after a busy hectic day.Really- I don't know about the Lego controversy? But I will go buy some more Legos! And, man, I have to wash uniforms for Monday school as well!Blessings,Susie

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