Letter of the Day: S

S is for SATURDAY!!!

🙂  My favorite day of the week … especially if my entire family is together!  Today my husband and I got to go on a little date … to grocery shop – but that’s ok!  It was just me and him and 3 hours of time to talk and catch up with each other after a busy week. 

In the afternoon, my kids and I went to the park while Dan caught up on baseball on TV … I love watching my kids interact and how the older two take such good care of Miriam and make her giggle.  I am so incredibly thankful that while my children do occasionally fight or get on each others’ nerves, for the most part, they really are good friends!  🙂

Supper was fried chicken and corn-on-the-cob and salad.  Simple.  Scrumptuous! 

What a Super Saturday!! 

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