Letter of the Day: W

W is for WISHES.

I’m torn on my thoughts about wishes …

Wishes can be great:  to wish someone well or wish them the best, a wish for world peace, a birthday wish, “when you wish upon a star …”, etc.

And yet – how often do I wish my life away – or wish things were different – or wish things would go MY WAY or just wish something or someone would go away.  :-/  Wishes are often futile:

If wishes were fishes, the beggars would eat;
If wishes were horses, the beggars would ride … or something like that.

In my lifetime, I’ve spent a lot of time wishing days away so I could reach a certain goal or the ending of a situation.  In high school and college, I was famous for count downs to graduation – I always knew “how many more days”… I did the same for my wedding … thankfully, we had a short engagement, and my wait wasn’t too long! 

In college, I wished for a husband … then for 6 years, I wished for a baby … and then another.  I wished those babies would sleep through the night, I wished they’d get potty trained, I wished they would never again throw up (seriously!).  Sometimes those wishes came true eventually (they sleep through the night now); sometimes they didn’t (yeah, that vomit thing …).  In the end, for most of those situations, I could only do what I knew to do or what I could – and the rest just happened – or didn’t.  My wishing didn’t change much. 

A few years ago, I was talking to my husband about what I wished would happen and comparing that to knowing God’s will often didn’t coincide with my wishes – and how to reconcile the two … and he said something that has helped me do less wishing and more trusting:  “the fulfillment of God’s will is often just ‘acceptance’.”  I think that is how he remains so calm all the time when my brain runs amok with “what if … and I wish that …”.  He just accepts circumstances as they come, trusting Who is really in control, instead of wishing things otherwise. 

I did find the word WISH in the Bible a few times – but mostly in the context of a “well wish”.  For example:

3 John 1:2

2Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Nice to hear that John had those WISHES for his fellow Christians … I think the definition of “prosper and be in health” varies for each individual – but that’s what I wish for too.  

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3 Responses to Letter of the Day: W

  1. Ellie Rae says:

    Looking at your pictures of Germany. I sure do miss that place! "Wish" I were there!

  2. Ellie Rae says:

    Yes, that's true about the acceptance part. Sometimes I feel I've "wished" my life away!

  3. April says:

    Thank you for another powerful and poignant lesson, Conny!

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