Letter of the Day: Y

Y is for YES!!
YES!  One more project to cross off my list … I took down 1 of 2 1988 gold, “a la make-up mirror” light fixture from my kids’ bathroom.  I got almost the same thing but in silver … just a little update – inexpensive and easy.  I still need to stick the other one up there … later.
YES!  I finally scrubbed all the nasty, yellow pollen off my front porch – then moved the bench, 2 chairs, and tables around a little … added a red geranium planter to a table (that I got as a surprise secretary’s day gift from our church?!) … and spontaneously planted 2 hanging thingys that I forgot I had in our shed with red and white petunias.  Now that I’ve caught up with the front of the house …. the inside of the house needs A LOT MORE work!!  And by the time I get that done … well, the outside will need more work!!  And so it goes …
YES!  I got to spend a few moments of down time while my husband ran my daughter to a birthday party … and then we went to the park – and watched Miriam play.  It was a gorgeous day – on the edge of rain, seemingly, but I never felt one drop. 
YES!  Miriam is in bed … and my guys are talking baseball in the living room … and I’m going to crawl in my nice, clean bed – with fresh sheets on it – and read.
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2 Responses to Letter of the Day: Y

  1. Ellie Rae says:

    Thanks for coming to my blog today!

  2. I bet the bathroom and front porch look great. I have not added any plants to our front porch yet. It is still a little chilly at night, but I guess I should start. I want to take everything off the porch and have it power scrubbed. (Honey, please do!) Then maybe re-stain the wood. Your pretty entry way makes a big smile on all who enter. Some pretty flowers sounds perfect to me!Blessings,Susie

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