Last Letter! Z!!

No, I haven’t forgotten to close out my A-Z blogging … I’m just a day late.  Yesterday was one of those discombobulated days that I didn’t really get much of anything complete because I was running around, trying to complete things!!  ha!!

SO … since I’m claiming to be a Hausfrau, my A-Z challenge ending is said in my best German accent:

Zis is Zee End! 

I enjoyed blogging through the alphabet in April as a challenge to just WRITE … Thank you to those of you who came along and commented along the way. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program, which is anything but regular …

Back to finishing out this school year!!  Only 20 more days to wake up and go to school for my older 2 kids!!!!  I can’t believe they are completing 6th and 8th grades.  Next year I’ll have children in Junior High and HiGH SCHOOL!!!  And one on a preschool level, so we have a lot to look forward to yet.  🙂 

Back to fixing up the house – although after trying to install a digital thermometer myself (and finally calling in a professional to the resuce before I blew up the whole furnace!) and trying to install a new sink and faucet – which went well until the connections between the faucet pipes and the hot/cold pipes was about 1 inch too short …. I think I’m going to give up – or at least take a break – after I paint my bathroom some time this week (hopefully!). 

Back to enjoying the lovely weather this spring, sitting on the porch and watching the kids play outside:

…with the neighbor’s dogs who think our yard is their yard … (they are awful cute and sweet though!!)

(the above pic of the neighbor’s Dackels is for my blogging friend, Maribeth)
Zee End!

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