Fast Times!

Time flies when you’re having fun … and when your kids are young.  My husband, our teen, our tween, and our toddler spent Friday night with Dan’s parents who happen to live in Branson, Missouri which happens to host a theme park called Silver Dollar City where we spent most of Saturday. 

The picture above represents Miriam right now … always in a blur of activity! 

(By the way, if you ever used picnik and are mourning the closing of that free photo editing site, let me tell you about picmonkey!!  That’s what I’ve been using to edit photos like the one above.  Right now picmonkey is FREE … but I fear they will get us hooked and then start charging for their services or for an expanded version … so enjoy it while it lasts!!)

It is hard to believe that it is May already … and for us, that means SCHOOL IS ALMOST OVER!!   The next few weeks will hold the flurry of school-year-end concerts, performances, ceremonies, field trips, and our annual field day.  I can’t wait to get my kids back and slow down (maybe?!) this summer!!  We have some exciting plans and changes for our family … and I look forward to sharing them as they develop and as God leads us …

Some insights into our plans include changes in schooling:

First of all, I hope to start teaching my children GERMAN this summer, by their request.  I should have been doing this all along – and have dabbled in attempts to do so … but we just haven’t made a concentrated effort like I hope to coming up!

And we are looking into home-schooling next school year … something that has been on my heart and tumbling around in my brain for the last 2-3 years since I’ve been home again with Miriam – and something God has put into our lives over and over with getting to know so many wonderful home-schooling families both in real life and through blogs – and then there was the home-school conference we attended last summer while working for Doorposts, which has been one of the major deciding factors for my husband as he was able to attend some sessions and see homeschooling families in action.  It is a whole new world for us – but we’re excited about exploring it. 

For now, I am trying to just enjoy each day, whether it is super busy or a quiet evening at the park with my kids … As my husband often reminds me, “These are the best days of our lives!”

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3 Responses to Fast Times!

  1. SO happy to see that you're considering homeschooling! I'm obviously an advocate and believe with all my heart that nearly every family can do it and do it well, so I have a bias…but the important thing is to follow God's leading. And it seems pretty clear that's what He's calling you to…so, if He calls, He will provide for all your needs. :^)

  2. April says:

    I think what your husband said is so very true! The older your kids get, the more you'll realize it. I love PicMonkey, but also enjoy iPiccy. You should give it a try.

  3. Oh, what sweet photos of your girls! I am happy you are sounding so upbeat and happy! You are so truly blessed. Have an awesome week, okay?Blessings,Susie

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