Off the Hook!

Yesterday I got a package (see above – and excuse poor photo quality – not taking time to edit today – got lots to do!!)

I got this cute little purse (as Miriam calls it!) – it is a little pouch, the perfect size for holding a camera (or cell phone). 
It was a gift from a sweet blogger friend, Susie.  You can follow the link to see HER bright, cheerful yellow camera pouch that first had me coveting a pouch of my own!!  🙂  I suggested she hold a give-away of these pouches, but instead, she just sent me one!!  What a blessing!!  🙂

Miriam has claimed the pouch as her own … It IS just the right size for a few of  her treasures to go in.
My daughter Anna has been crocheting recently with a group of girls from church.  She is working on a blanket/afghan:
Maybe one day she too can work on a camera pouch! 
I have found that the steady repetition of crocheting is really good for Anna.  She is usually a wirbelwind (German for tornado), but when she is crocheting, she is focused and her stitches (or whatever you call it) are nice and even and neat.   I’m so glad she has this great outlet for her energy – all the while creating something pretty and useful – and something that makes a great gift.
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4 Responses to Off the Hook!

  1. samatino says:

    Hi I am from Bavaria and speak no English. you have a sweet family and I will still often look in on you. if only for the nice photos. smile. Best wishes from Germany .. was glg sabine

  2. Sara H says:

    I've found that to be so true of kids who are so active. They do these things that we think are reserved for those who are calm and they do them great. My oldest was good at golf and chess but could not sit still through a math lesson. 😀

  3. charla says:

    What a cute little purse. Don't you just love getting surprise packages like that?

  4. Connie! You are so sweet. Your little Miriam looks so adorable with her new purse! Ha ha, I am glad I could make you guys happy. And Anna, well she is a great crocheter, just look at that! Her stitches look so perfect. I am happy she has this creative outlet! It is a good one.Bless you all!Susie

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