Happy? Mother’s Day

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely thankful to be a mother!!  For several years, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever have one child, let alone be blessed to have three on this earth and one in heaven!!  I love being a mother – it is all I ever wanted to do as a “career,” and I don’t take these gifts lightly.

That said, I really don’t like Mother’s Day any more.  Every year, Mother’s Day overwhelms me with its guilt that I am not the perfect, happy, sweet, kind, always-selfless mother that Hallmark cards and the Sunday morning sermon say I should be.  I’m old enough to realize that I really don’t need to feel that way and that God gave me the kids because He knew I was the perfect mother FOR THEM … and yet, honestly, I know I need some work to be a more godly mother.

This Mother’s Day, I began my day with a 5 a.m. wake-up call from Miriam – who had been fitfully sleeping since 7 p.m. aside from a very nasty diaper gift around midnight, which was thankfully an isolated incident and not a sign of an impending illness.  To say I woke up cranky is understood as I am definitely not a morning person even if I wake up at 7 or 8 a.m. – let alone at 5!! 

Thankfully, my husband decided this was the year to get me “funny” cards.  And while he and the kids wrote some very nice things about me in the cards, the cards themselves at least gave me something to smile about as I waited for the coffee to perk. 

My husband had bought me a ring this year … it was the $19.95 special that Kay’s Jewelers often offers around holidays – but it was really nice.  Sadly, it comes in a standard size 7 – and my fingers are pretty fat so I wanted it sized up for my ring or middle finger.  Kay’s offered to do it for $20 – but I didn’t want to wait for it and said I’d take the ring to our hometown jeweler for sizing.  Hometown jeweler’s sizing plan is $45 for the first size up and $11 for ever size thereafter … needless to say, the ring looks pretty nice on my size 7 pinkie. 

And thus my day began … I am not really a fan of toddler nursery at our church.  I work there because others have to watch my toddler, so in return, I do the right thing and I watch theirs.  It isn’t even that it is THAT bad … but that many 2-3 year olds just kind of get on my nerves.   Well, I was asked to watch the toddlers today by the lady who usually watches them during choir practice (between the morning service and the afternoon service) because her family was taking her out to eat instead of staying for the usual potluck lunch at church.  Not that I minded, but after eating a few stray vegetables and a sad piece of ham and some cold potatoes from the potluck line, I think my pity party kind of set in. It’s my own fault … and the consolation was there were plenty of yummy desserts today so I got my sweet fix in!!  Thankfully a friend joined me -and we ended up only having 3 toddlers (one being my own!) … and no major incidents or accidents. 

After our afternoon service, my husband asked me if I wanted to go out for dessert … which I didn’t really, but it isn’t often that the man offers me such an extravagance on our budget and because of his sweet intentions, I said ok.  We should not have taken the kids … and we should have just gone to McDonald’s.  Instead, I suggested a new frozen yogurt (pay by the ounce) place where you make your own dish with various flavors to choose from and a lot of toppings offered.   I went with girlfriends a few weeks ago – and my dish cost $2.50 plus tax, which for us is a pretty pricey treat.  Never the less … I thought it was yummy and would be FUN.  Ha.  That’s what I get for thinking.  My dish still only cost about $2.50 with frozen yogurt and toppings and whipped cream – but the total bill was almost $19…. so you can imagine how much my kids piled into their dishes (and potentially my husband because you can’t imagine a 6’2″ man would be satisfied with “just a little frozen yogurt”).  We could have eaten at McDonald’s twice for that amount of money!!  Oh well … lesson learned. 

Sadly, I didn’t even get to see what all my family was eating as Miriam pronounced herself “stinky”, and the yogurt place had no public restroom.  So, I took her out to the car, only to find that there were no more diapers in her bag!!!  I do always carry a cloth diaper in the bag to clean up spills or wipe her down in emergencies … and with the safety pin I had used to keep the neckline of my dress more decent, I formed a make-shift diaper and told my family that we needed to go home. 

Foiled again, I drove home in silence … and when we got there, the first sight that greeted me was that the cat had thrown up on the coffee table … Happy Mother’s Day.  Is it over yet?! 

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2 Responses to Happy? Mother’s Day

  1. Poor Connie! You tell a story so well. I always chuckle at your misfortunes. Does that make me bad? You are just so funny! Of course we all have times just like this, and the ones that say they don't are probably fibbing!Happy Mothers Day!Susie

  2. Sandra says:

    Many more years of this is yet to come! That's what being a mom is REALLY all about. But one day they'll be gone and you'll miss it. They grow up VERY fast.

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