Happy Homemaker – 5/28/2012

Joining Sandra today for a Memorial Day Happy Homemaker!

The weather:::
It’s 80 degrees right now with a high of 92 forecasted today … and possible thunderstorms. 

On my reading pile::: 
I’m reading The Poisonwood Bible.  It’s kind of a weird book about radical Southern Baptist missionaries in the Congo in 1959-60 … but I’m sucked in! 

On my TV:::
at noon:   Cardinals baseball

On the menu for this week:::
While I loved having a menu plan last week – I haven’t figured out what to do this week yet. 

On my to do list:::
As usual, laundry and my Hausfrau work. 
Looking around the house:::
my family is home all day today so who knows what the damage will be by the end of the day!!  Actually, Anna cleaned her room up last night – which means she stuffed things in whatever available space there was under the bed, in her drawers, or the closet … but at least you can see the floor!!  This summer we are going to do a clean sweep of her room and re-organize. 
Summer Fun :::Well, it isn’t really summer here yet because school isn’t out until June 1st … but we’ve already enjoyed some time playing at the river and gotten out Miriam’s kiddie pool (which she won’t get into as she is scared to death of baths and anything that resembles them, a panic that has grown instead of getting better). 

From the camera:::
my husband who served many who gave the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq – 2003 to 2004 – at a Combat Support Hospital:

Something fun to share:::
Well, it isn’t fun … but the latest news is that my car shut down on Sunday afternoon.  😦 
The electrical system is out, and I have no power steering or dashboard functions (speedometer or gas gauge).  We’ll be juggling one vehicle (the hated Buick) for a while.  And even though that doesn’t sound like fun, I am thankful for the timing of this being at the less busy end of the school year and that we CAN work with one vehicle when I need it (and  I just finished running my kids to all kinds of appointments like dental, eye dr, and regular dr so I really don’t have any where to go). 
On my prayer list:::
friends going through cancer treatment and illness – and their caretakers
waiting on a job offer (or job offer denial) for my husband, hopefully in a week or two
a pleasant last few days of school this week – we DONE on Friday!!!

Bible verse, Devotional::: 

psalm 61:2

From the end of the earth I call to You when my heart is faint; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

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  1. Sandra says:

    So sorry about your car. I have been there and done that, matter of fact we juggled one vehicle between us for 3 years. Not easy, but doable :)I'm sure you're excited for the end of the year so you all can relax 🙂

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