Well Done!

We did it!!!
We finished the 2011-12 school year!! 
Anna finished 6th grade – and actually squeaked by and got on the A/B Honor Roll.
She had a little bit of trouble this winter with not finishing homework and “forgetting” to turn in assignments – but she really kicked it into gear this last quarter!
I’m really proud of her.

Andrew has been steady this school year, his 2nd in “Junior High”, as an 8th grader.
He made the A average Honor Roll and had the highest GPA in History. What really impresses me most though is he was top student in 1/2 Algebra.  I hate math, I stink at math, and I am so thankful he “gets it” because I sure can’t help him there a lot (his dad can, thankfully!).
Some students in the junior high and high school collected money and got a gift and a card for the 2 teachers who are leaving this school year – Dan being one of them (he’s the tallest guy on the left).  I was really touched that they would do this … and then found out our son gave $10 of his own money towards these teachers’ gifts as well!
Dan has served at this school for 7 years, and I do believe he achieved his goal, which was to make a difference, to show the families in our school God’s love, and to treat everyone with compassion and respect.  He made it a personal goal each school year to learn every student’s name – and he did – even when there 180 names to learn!  I could write a whole blog post (and maybe one day I will) about what I learned from watching Dan care about students and their families, how he treated people, and how he handled stressful situations, disgruntled parents, insubordinate students, and often calmly defused things that could have unnecessarily made mountains out of molehills.
Many parents have expressed their appreciation to him – and he has received several very nice gifts and cards today … to include the gift card that provided our lunch today:

Lunch at Colton’s Steak House as a reward to hard work and good grades!  Miriam and I just got to come along for the ride.  I guess we were the main cheerleaders for our family. 
So, while I can take very little credit for this school year – aside from hounding the kids about homework and praying for them every day, I am so thankful that they really did their best –
and God blessed us with a happy ending.
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  1. Congratulations to the two Honor Roll recipients, and to the end of a successful school year. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful summer, and am sure the schooling adventure that awaits will be blessed!

  2. Renee says:

    What a wonderful ending to your family's time in school…. here's to new adventures in the fall

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