Friday Catch-Up

When I haven’t been thinking too deeply about things that are really not even something I need to worry about, I have been having kind of a busy, unstructured, not-home-a-lot kind of week, inconvenienced by not having a second car anymore:  Doing a little bit of accounting work from home, going to a few appointments (to include my summer addition of a little blond to my hair), and visiting with a few friends along the way …

And then today, I spent a few moments watching this happen:

The German national team played Greece in the quarter finals of the European Cup!   Germany won 4 to 2!!  Good game, lots of action … and lots of memories of my childhood watching the European Cup and especially the World Cup games with my German family members.  In 1986, I even made a scrapbook with my Opa and daydreamed about marrying a German soccer player …

I haven’t been good at taking pictures of my ever-growing kids recently – but I have been attemping to store up a few of the precious and hilarious moments in my memory along the way.   For example, whenever I tell Miriam that we are leaving anywhere, like a store, my hair salon, etc, I tell her to say good-bye, but recently she is adding, “Take care!’ … It makes me smile because that is something my husband says a lot.   Miriam got her bangs trimmed this week, and when our stylist asked her if she liked it, she held up her little palm in a “talk to the hand” fashion and said, “See ya!” … Apparently she was done with that hair appointment. 

My littlest girl is now an inch short of being 3 feet tall … and she weighs in at 30 lbs!  No wonder I feel like I’m carrying a sack of potatoes when I pick her up any more – she is actually equal to 3 10-lb sacks. 

I did have a fairly wonderful “deeper” kind of thought the other day that I wanted to write down here to remember:

Growing up I was always told God answers prayer in 3 ways:  yes, no, or wait.  That pretty much makes sense.  I saw this little sign on pinterest the other day – and I really like it too:

As I’ve been praying over job applications for my husband and our family’s future, I have asked God to keep my mind from straying to all the dangerous “what if’s” and worst case scenario thinking … and to just continue to trust.  During one of my sessions of “self-talk” when I have long discussions, and sometimes arguments, with myself in my head, trying to stay focused on TRUTH not on fear or discouragement, I was remembering the truth that God DOES promise to answer prayer … especially when one prays, “Thy will be done.” … and I imagined that right now, not only is God saying “wait” or “not yet” … He is also saying, “I’m working on it!”    My hope is that there are things going on right now that I don’t even know that will determine our future employment and circumstances.  God knows my heart and my mind – He knows what I want … and right now, He is doing what He knows is best. 

That said, my husband put in a job application locally today … and got some news that another application he submitted waaaay back in April has finally not only been processed by the organization, but he is considered eligible for the position.  And now we wait again to see if he is called for an interview.  Yes, God is working … And at the right time, His time, everything will be revealed – until then, it is my job to wait, to pray, to trust, to know He’s working on it.

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  1. Angie says:

    That was a sweet post; just like sitting with a friend and hearing the odds and ends of life. Will be praying along with you for your husband's job. The Lord does provide, sometimes it just takes time. We were once unemployed for 10 1/2 months with a baby in arms and one on the way. There were sweet moments during that time, but I also remember conserving kleenex. 🙂 Anyway, will be praying.Take care! 🙂

  2. Will be praying for your husband's interview!

  3. amen thanks for sharing…blessings…

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