Good Ol’ Summer Time!

Last summer our community got a new water park/community pool.  This week we actually went there twice … which is two more times than we went the entire summer last year! 

A lot of our not going last summer was due to Miriam’s crazy water phobia that really started in March of 2010 when we forced her into a kiddie pool at a hotel where we were staying over Spring Break … Baths and water were treated cautiously ever since – and the fear was exaggerated by grandma’s huge garden tub (with jacuzzi jets) that Miriam hated this past March while she spent a week with Dan and his parents while I was in Germany … 

However, in this last week, Miriam has made amazing progress with her anxiety about all things water.  She’s slid down water slides all by herself … and got so bold as to walk towards the deep end alone as well.  Almost too bold!  Makes Momma nervous – but thankfully a friend and life guards were watching out for her too. 

Apparently, she is taking after her water-loving siblings after all!  We don’t often get opportunities to swim – but they love it when we do:


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3 Responses to Good Ol’ Summer Time!

  1. It's been so hot I can't imagine being water-phobic. Why, if I could figure out how to avoid electrocution so I could use my laptop while sitting in the bath tub, I would!

  2. nice…i feel too to go to swim..only here its so far and i honestly prefer the beach..nice girls …thanks for sharing…blessings

  3. Rebecca D says:

    A town we lived in for a few years had a great water park / pool and we would buy season passes and meet up with friends there several days a week. I have such fone memories of sitting in the shade with my friend while our kiddos played blissfully… Now she and I both have married daughters and she is a grandma… Where did the years go?

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