Happy Homemaker – 7/2/2012

Joining Sandra today – LOVE her new HHM logo ^ … I can smell the lavendar.  *sigh*

The Weather:::

It has been 100+ degrees here every day lately during the day.  I was reminded how thankful to be for a/c as I have several friends on the East Coast, particulary by Washington DC and in VA who didn’t have power for several days last week – and one friend (whose house I’ve stayed at) had a tree fall through their roof during the recent storm there!! 

On my reading pile:::

My Cat Who… books (by Lilian Jackson Braun), perfect, fun, mindless, entertaining, wholesome reading! 

The Heart of Homeschooling by ____ Flicka (can never remember his first name!)

Introverts in the Church

On my tv:::

still pretty much reduced to The Next FoodNetwork Star every Sunday evening … otherwise, random episodes of Chopped or Little House and the Walton’s on Hallmark.  There was an I LOVE LUCY marathon on TV Land over the weekend – lots of laughs 🙂

On the menu for this week:::

My 2 “big kids” are gone this week so it is just my husband, Miriam, and I  … I’m thinking really simple meals – hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, etc – and plenty of fruit and salad (love that blueberries and strawberries are still really inexpensive right now where we live!!  oh, and PEACHES are coming into season!!).

On my to do list:::

get rid of the ants invading our house 😦
take my kitty to the vet – she’s been throwing up a lot lately and is lethargic and skinny …
clean up misc areas, straighten up, throw things OUT!!
get my discard pile to the local donation center or dumpster

Homemaking Tips:::

just read this recently and went “DUH!!!” … you probably know this – but I didn’t.  What to do when you open a can on broth but don’t need it all?  Freeze it into portions in an ice cube try to use later!  You can do that with several things that you only need a little bit of – I read you can do it for tomato paste, for example. 

Looking around the house:::

Miriam is “coloring” … She likes notebook paper and will scribble continuous zig-zag lines between the lines of the paper, kind of like she is trying to write.  I have ordered her a K-2 curriculum (2 books) so we can start working on basic letter and number recognition … I am excited to get started!! 

Otherwise, my house is quiet … the big kids are gone to their grandparents’ house this week.  I miss them horribly.  Miriam has taken it in stride – but she has made me her newest playmate to boss around:  “Mom, sit!  Play!!!!  Play!!!”  and thus I get the set up Little People zoos and rock baby dolls and “feed” them and change out the DVD player at her will.  🙂

From my Camera:

I don’t actually have my camera near – but here’s all I got saved on this laptop ^ :  would anyone like to buy 4 wheels for a Chevy HHR (which is a ridiculous situation in and of itself as we don’t even own a Chevy HHR and are stuck with these things which my father-in-law wants me to sell for him … and I’ve been trying to do for YEARS now!!).  GET THEM OUT OF MY GARAGE!

On my prayer list:::

Those in the midst of various crisises right now:  the wildfires in Colorado and the aftermath, those without power in the DC area, etc …

My husband has 6 open job applications out there … He still has a job until the end of July – but obviously, he’d love to get settled into his new job as soon as possible. 

Bible verse, Devotional:::
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4 Responses to Happy Homemaker – 7/2/2012

  1. thanks for sharing…im passing by to all friends to invited you to share my blog hop hope its a nice opportunity to share with others …thanks if you do…loves soraya

  2. Hi Connie! Yes, it is a pretty new picture for this post! I have had my head spinning with everything that has nothing to do with blogging lately. And I live right here in Colorado where we watched the fire burning the mountains with our own two eyes. Yes, Colorado Springs is just where I live just a wee bit on the outskirts of its city line. Which blends together, and the smoke and the fires have been scary! I know people that even had their homes burned down. Anyways, I need to catch up with my bloggie friends! Sorry, don't need the wheels. Like the ice cube tip! Hope your kitty is okay, she sounds ill. I loved teaching my daughter all her preschool curriculum! Have fun!Bless you, have a good holiday!Susie

  3. Rebecca D says:

    We continue to lift your husband's job up in prayer. I agree about the wheels and craigslist, it's the way to go.

  4. Heather says:

    did you try putting the wheels on Craigslist?

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