To Those Who Wait …

This summer, we began our house-wide “clean sweep” … We made it through the kids’ rooms – and are now on hiatus as the kids are GONE (the big ones anyway).  This week Andrew and Anna have been at their grandparents’ house – and oh my soul – I’ve been in semi-depression mode.  I have missed them SO MUCH (got used to having them home in June!!).  My husband observed that I am definitely NOT ready to be an empty nester.
Anyway … Anna has been wanting a desk for a long time now.  We’ve made do – and she was confined to doing her homework at the dining room table this past spring quarter anyway as she was struggling with DOING her homework completely for some reason.
After “clean sweeping” her room in June, she “made do” with her little art table that she’s had since she was probably 4 years old.  I remember buying it at Walmart for $10 on clearance.  It came with 2 little chairs and was decorated with Disney princesses (one chair has already bit the dust).  Since she doesn’t have a desk, Anna decided she’d cover her little table with a party-plastic table cloth, and she “re-upholstered” the lone chair with cute duct tape.  While it was pretty creative, I also couldn’t help but think what a blessing it was that my 11 year old tween was willing to work with a table that was really more Miriam’s size than hers.
I had set my sights on a lovely white desk at Target for Anna – but at $80 and with my husband’s impending potential unemployment, it was not in the budget right now.
So, I told Anna we’d pray!  And over time, we did come across a broken down desk at a Goodwill a time or two – but I told Anna we would not settle!!  We’d wait for the desk that she truly LIKED instead of bringing home a desk just to have one.
This week, my husband and I were at Big Lots and were reminded that as part of their customer loyalty program (Buzz Club rewards), we now qualified for 20% off our purchases that day.  Big Lots (ours anyway) has a surprisingly nice selection of furniture, so I headed over there – and found Anna’s desk!

Sharing a room with Miriam, Anna couldn’t really have a big desk anyway- and this one seemed the right size.  Not only was it cute and the right size, the price was right too plus we got 20% off!  We were able to afford the desk, a pink desk chair, AND a new desk chair for Andrew too for 1/2 of what it would have cost us to get the desk I originally wanted to save for from Target (which was too large for the room and didn’t come with a chair!).
It’s a little thing … but for me (and I’m sure for Anna), it will be a BIG thing! 
Once again, God has provided for our wants beyond what we had planned.
And we were able to replace Andrew’s broken desk chair, AND Miriam inherited the little art table.

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5 Responses to To Those Who Wait …

  1. Sara H says:

    That is such a cute desk!!! I love to hear how God provides. 🙂 And you have quite some time before you have to worry about empty nesting. 😀

  2. Rebecca D says:

    I am sure she willl love it, what 11 year old girl wouldn't? Great job waiting on the Lord for this… I know the desk you mean at Target, and altough it's cute, this one seems more befitting an 11 year old girl!

  3. melanie says:

    Aww, that IS a sweet story of God's goodness! Anna will be so pleased!!! : )

  4. That is like my car story. Bigger item but definitely still a direct answer to prayer (beyond what we could have imagined). ;o) Great lesson for Anna, too, that I doubt she will forget.Love, Tanya

  5. Ellie Rae says:

    Gee, that looks really sweet.

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