So, I’m Just a Little Bit All-Natural!

This is NOT the blog you want to visit when you want to learn facts about natural living or eating clean or homeopathic remedies.  It is not something I am confident in or knowledgable about or live every day.   

There are a few things I refuse to even consider – even though I do find them noble:  cloth diapering, fermenting anything, or eating grains/foods that don’t really taste good to me (and hoping that in 21 days they will become a part of my life because I know I’ll never last that long on brown rice or wheat flour).   πŸ™‚   But never say “never” because …

There are a few things I never thought I’d do but I have done:  nursed a baby for almost 17 months, made my own cleaning products, and researched and taken various supplements. 

So, while I have friends who I admire who dabble in these arenas and believe in them 100% more than I do – I leave the promoting of those things up to them.  πŸ™‚ 

I will share 2 surprising things I learned recently that ARE along the lines of all-natural (I don’t even know exactly what to call it!!) remedies for every day life:

My almost-8-year old kitty has been having tummy troubles for a while.  She’s been vomiting almost every day for a long time.  Based on my internet searches, I was afraid she had some kind of infection and last Saturday she actually had several episodes of sickness that worried us … Because she seemed so pitiful (and I was tired of cleaning up the messes and being awoken at 4 a.m. by gagging noises), I finally decided to take my kitty to vet.  After ruling out infection (she didn’t have a “fever”) and no noticeable tumors or unusual lumps he could feel, the vet offered me 2 options: 

a.  a $200+ scope procedure with blood work to find the root of the problem, if there even was one beyond just not liking our food, a serious hair ball, or perhaps an ulcer
b.  a little dab of vaseline on her paws twice every day (to lick off) to help her eliminate icky things in her tummy or to coat the irritated lining inside her.
And in the last 6 days since that doctor visit and the vaseline treatment, she has only vomited once – and that was after we’d neglected to give her the twice daily dose of the vaseline because we were out of town … So, not saying it is the cure-all (and my vet certainly didn’t promise that either), but even just as a hair ball remedy, if you have an indoor kitty, vaseline every so often is an economical help – because hairball remedy you can buy is really just vaseline flavored with malt. 


The other thing I learned last week involves my friend … yeah, my friend.  See, my friend, she had a yeast infection – and well, my friend bought a dose of the OTC stuff at Walmart … If you’ve ever dealt with this issue, you know that stuff isn’t the most pleasant of treatments – and whole case scenario is just not pleasant anyway …

Well, the OTC one-day dose didn’t really help me my friend and so she researched yeast infections on-line … and the most seen home remedy on most websites was 2-fold:

1.  external vinegar-water wash to bring the ph balance back to normal and
2.  tea tree oilI My friend happened to have tea tree oil because she had made some home-made bath and kitchen cleaner that required it … and I will tell you this too:

Dilute tea tree oil if you’ve never used it on your skin before (you can use it for anything from chapped lips to athlete’s foot!) and do not use it – how shall we say – “internally”. 
The conduit of choice for tea tree oil is olive oil.  Just a few drops of tea tree oil in about a teaspoon of olive oil is fine. 
AND this treatment for yeast infections is NOT approved by the FDA … so do it carefully and at your own risk.  But when you are desperate like my friend was, it was worth that risk. 

And my friend is happy to report that after only 2 days of vinegar washes and topical tea tree oil treatment, she was feeling very much better … although a little bit like a well-dressed salad.  :-/

I really debated about sharing this information on my blog, but I am doing so “for what it is worth” because I was really glad to hear of both fairly simple, inexpensive, and yes, even perhaps considered “all natural” remedies. 


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5 Responses to So, I’m Just a Little Bit All-Natural!

  1. Michelle G says:

    Give "your friend" my condolences – "my friend" has those sometimes too. Horrible feeling! (or so I've been told πŸ˜‰ I use tea-tree oil with a little lavendar oil mixed into a cheapo spray works for just about everything! πŸ™‚ Seriously – I spritz down the beds in the morning before making them (like a natural lysol) I spray stinky tennis shoes (boys!!)it also makes a beyond fabulous mosquito spray! I highly recommend it…now..thanks to your blog I have yet another use…although I hope I don't have to use it πŸ˜‰ M

  2. I'm glad your friend *cough* is feeling better!If the Vaseline thing ever gets to be too much of a drag (petroleum jelly paw prints, for instance), you can accomplish the same thing by stirring some olive oil into kitty's food. πŸ™‚

  3. It is well says:

    We love tea tree oil at our house! It repels mosquitoes and ticks naturally, and is great on athlete's foot or blemishes. My latest favorite use: I mixed a few drops with some coconut oil. When kept cool, it is like an ointment. I rub it on my dry feet and put socks on at night. It deodorizes and moisturizes dry summer feet!

  4. Rebecca D says:

    I am probably in the same league as you when it comes to bein "all-natural" but I have a few tricks and tips that have worked for me too… My go-to "yeast" cure is the external wash you mentioned and eating yogurt three time a day until it ends… It takes about three days usually. I use tea tree oil for the scalp itch I get when the seasons change…The one I like best and have had the best results with is taking high dose cranberry tablets to cure a UTI which I am prone to. It works and doesn't require me taking antibiotics which always leads to the first problem we spoke of!

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