The Hutch HomeSchool is Open!

I ordered a couple of cute little lesson books for Miriam from Abeka,
and they came in yesterday.
The curriculum is for 2 year olds … and I realize now, maybe I should have gotten the 3 year old curriculum – although Miriam was really excited about her little art project even though I thought it was rather simple.
AND I remember from my days as a school secretary when the parents of 3 and 4 year olds would come in and tell me how our K4 program would probably be far beneath their precious little pumpkin’s ability because they were after all, not only angels but also geniuses … and then precious little pumpkin would come to school and be just as normal as all other kids in the class.
And thus, I prefer to start out humbly, even though Miriam does already know her colors, says the alphabet, and counts to 20 …

And in working with this little “color box” project, I did find that Miriam actually did NOT know the color brown and instead called it “black” … and so, she DID learn something new today!

While I realize this is just the very earliest of the beginning of my home school efforts, I had such fun working with Miriam for a few minutes, talking about colors and counting the “crayons” …
and just watching her enjoy this very simplest of little projects.
I know not every day will be this easy or delightful … but it sure was a nice start!
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  1. That is great! I just heard that a child's brain is 85% developed by the time they turn 5, what a little sponge!Bless you all,Susie

  2. melanie says:

    And post a sweet, smiling pic on your fridge to remind you that these sorts of days CAN and DO happen! 😀

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