Simple Summer Time

This past week, my husband and daughter were away at Junior Camp.  I think this is my husband’s 5th or 6th year to go as a chaperone.  He enjoys it (even though he’ll admit it isn’t as easy  the older he gets and the hotter the weather is!).  And imagine – the boys’ cabins have NO air conditioning. 
My husband handles it fairly well – but I guess when he compares it to experiencing 138 degree days in Iraq in the summer of 2003, it doesn’t seem so bad after all.
And this summer, he was voted as a counselor of the year, which is a nice honor as this is probably his last year to be able to go.
My older 2 kids love camp too.   And I love that they love it.
I have no point of reference for summer camp as I never could go because I was spending the summers in Germany when I was a kid when my friends were off at church camp.
Frankly, if it were up to me, I probably wouldn’t have even sent my kids in the first place —
to imagine them not being under my care for 5 days and 4 nights makes me a little crazy, although it has gotten easier as time has gone by (it was hardest to send them the first year they were eligible at the end of 3rd grade).  I do think it is good for them to learn to be under someone else’s authority, and I trust the staff and chaperones, which are from our church, very much.
I love that my kids don’t mind sweating it out all week, and they play all the crazy camp games hard and with good attitudes, and they hear great speakers and have Bible games and activities.  It is such a time of simple fun without being bogged down by distractions of technology and the world – not being spoiled by creature comforts for a change – and focusing on fun, friends, and God’s Word instead. 
Meanwhile …
Andrew, Miriam, and I had a fairly quiet week together.
We too enjoyed simple pleasures like running around at the splash park …

and having ice cream afterwards …
Sleeping late and watching cartoons …
Taking a little road trip to no where in particular …
Spending a day with friends, playing video games and eating …
Having a children-mom date at a local steak house …
but realizing we really miss our campers.
Anticipating all being together again …

to share our simple summer days.
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2 Responses to Simple Summer Time

  1. Rebecca D says:

    Churches in this part of the country don't generally do "camp"… There are a couple christian camps up here, but you go as an individual and not a group… My girls were fortunate durring our years in Tennessee to go to camp, as most of their friends up here have never had that experience. I am glad you are having a good week and I know your kids will look back at camp with fond memories!

  2. melanie says:

    Cutie at the Splash Park! :-)I'm also looking forward to having everyone home again – at least for a few weeks – in August!

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