No Turning Back!

The UPS man brought our HOME SCHOOL CURRICULUM this week!!
Because this is my first year to home school, I wanted to go with a complete package of curriculum –
and with a husband who is a (former) school administrator, he was adamant that I start off structured.
This will definitely be a team effort for our family!

There is just something about brand new school books!!  Shiny, interesting covers to entice one to open up and take a look.
I will say that some of the titles intrigue me (FUNDAMENTALS of LITERATURE – I can’t wait!!!  Cultural Geography-yes, please!  My husband actually taught that very same Geography curriculum last school year and was very impressed with it).  Algebra I … well, not so excited about that one.  Thankfully my son got the highest grade in 1/2 Algebra last school year and doesn’t seem as intimidated as I am.
(By the way, we are using BJU Press DVD distance learning.  While it is somewhat “expensive” to buy a full curriculum and a lot of homeschoolers get by on getting used books and mixing-and-matching curriculum, we feel this will be the best fit for us this school year – and the cost of homeschooling 2 children is still less than, for example, full tuition for one at a Christian school.  In the future, we may branch out, depending on how the kids do, but I am guessing after having been in traditional classrooms up to now, they will prefer the structure as well.)
The other thing that makes me feel more like an official HOME SCHOOLING FAMILY now is that we are now members of the Home School Legal Defense Association.
What a privilege it is to have the right to follow our conscience and home school in America!!  You can not do this in many – maybe even most – countries. 

My kids have already been asking to buy school supplies (and they are already advertising “back to school” in the stores!) … but I’m not quite ready.
The other question is:  when will we begin school?   But the nice thing about home schooling is that it will be whenever we feel ready to begin.  🙂
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9 Responses to No Turning Back!

  1. Rebecca D says:

    I LOVED homeschooling… I miss it everyday.I have a little something for you on my blog… Pop over when you get a chance!

  2. Your husband is very wise. I did the unstructured "unschooling" thing during our first year, and we accomplished very little actual learning.Second year, I planned out my own curriculum. That involved hours and hours — okay, more like weeks and weeks — and much hair-pulling. We learned a lot, but I was riddled with anxiety wondering if there were any gaps I'd failed to address, etc.Third year, we bought a complete package. It was our BEST year. Something about the shiny new materials motivated both of us, and because they were commercially produced my son seemed to take them more seriously.Unfortunately, that was our last year of homeschooling due to health issues on my part, but I'm so very glad we had that wonderful year to remember.

  3. Yay! I am happy for you! This will be an exciting adventure for you to embark on. I am thankful that you can do this!Blessings,Susie

  4. Congrats, my dear friend! You guys are going to have a great year. BTW, we did Cultural Geography for 9th grade. Robbie enjoyed it.

  5. Good Luck and God Bless! I was homeschooled all the way through until college. I wouldn't trade that for anything, and I hope I get to homeschool my son as well. We were one of those homeschool families who got by on used books and substituting curriculum. It worked, but I'm glad we were able to use a correspondence course for high school and get an actual diploma.

  6. Ellie Rae says:

    I'm all for structured. I think it has gone out of style in home schools across the country, though. I think when it was first beginning, people went overboard with structure, and now people are going the other way. Yours sounds just right.

  7. rstorman says:

    Good luck on this new adventure. I was home schooled from 7th-12th grade. We always began our school year after Labor Day and ended in June. You guys will do great!

  8. Renee says:

    I too used a full curriculum my first year (when my eldest was in K) and then I did the same when she was in her first year of high school. Other than those two years for her, I gained confidence and knowledge to pull together my own.Have a great year homeschooling. I'm gearing up to graduate my third

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