Lessons Learned

A few things I have been reminded of this week:

1.  Apparently keeping a steady housekeeping schedule IS a good idea!  Sadly, I haven’t been the best housekeeper lately.  So, I decided to finally tackle cleaning the burnt stuff in my oven on Friday night … and it took me TWO HOURS!!!  I will say that a while back – on pinterest – I found a “natural way to clean your oven” and you use a baking soda paste … but I apparently didn’t rinse my paste very well – and over time, the baking soda blackened into petrified blobs of permanent bleck.  I used brill-o pad type thingys to work on the mess … and it still isn’t completely clean 😦  I also re-applied baking soda + vinegar – but it didn’t help much either.  I rinsed real good though … and am resigned to buy some Easy-Off and face the fumes.  Wish I had a self-cleaning oven.  

I de-greased the stove hood … and since it is from 1988, I do believe I will never get it completely clean again.  My thought is to just replace it (it is the only yellow-gold item left in my kitchen from its 1988 origins) … some day … when I can afford to hire someone!   If you follow my blog, you may know I am banned from “home improvements” for a while after attempting a minor bathroom re-do and replacing our thermostat.  :-/

2.  The Bible tells us GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF FEAR … and it tells us we don’t have to be anxious.  God promises He WILL provide our needs.  He says we have strength to do all things through Him.  I’ve seen it happen, experienced His complete care of me … so why do I still fear and worry and doubt?!!!?   But unemployment is a very scary thing … and in today’s economy, we can really worry about the job market.  There must be an amazing number of people applying for the same jobs my husband is.  In fact, we’ve been told so – that while he is “highly qualified” for several positions, he is not among the “best qualified”.  God’s Word also tells us to not be discouraged … and so I’m clinging to those promises as we go forward. 

3.  One of the best remedies for self-pity is stepping outside yourself to help someone else!  A friend of mine coerced me into going somewhere with her on Friday – with a widow that she takes care of.  I say coerced because sometimes I just don’t feel like leaving my house … and I usually need an invitation to get out!  And as we went to lunch and then a gospel concert, I realized how I really need to get over some of my introvert tendencies and reach out.  I don’t my children to grow up in a selfish world that just revolves around them and our little family.  While that is my ministry and my calling (to be home and now home-school), I think – I hope – we can add some kind of outreach that can be part of our school days – even if it isn’t very often or a very monumental event.  Simple kindness goes a long way. 

4.  Sometimes God answers prayers with a “no” or a “wait”.  We all love to hear and share the stories where we prayed for something – and miraculously God answered almost immediately or in ways we never dreamed He would or just exactly in the way we asked Him to … It builds our faith to know God is listening and ready to bless us at the right moment.  But sometimes His right moment isn’t when we think it is.  Sometimes, we have to wait on Him … but He is never late and He is never wrong.  If He says NO, there is a reason …  if He says WAIT, we need to continue to trust.  For over 2 years, I’ve been praying for a mini-van … and when my vehicle died (well, was killed by my 2 year old!!) a while back, I’ve just been praying for ANY MODE OF TRANSPORTATION even while we’ve been making do with just one car.  This coming week, God MAY answer my prayer … at least temporarily … as we may be able to bring back a second vehicle after we visit with my parents – a car my dad isn’t really using right now.  What a blessing it would be to be able to just hop into a car and GO again without having to coordinate schedules with my husband all the time.  

5.  And my favorite quote for this past week has been this one by Robert Frost:
“In three words, I can sum up everything that I have learned about life:  it goes on.” 

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3 Responses to Lessons Learned

  1. Rebecca D says:

    If it makes you feel better, we have an ugly, uncleanable yellow/gold range hood too… I priced new ones a while back but am afraid to say anything, because an ugly range hood is better than no range hood… I am afraid if I mention it to the hubs he will tear out the old one before I can afford a new one! (It has happened before!)Your #3 reminds me that I need to remember to reach out to my introverted friends… Even though I am married to one, I forget that they need to be asked to do things and won't just "join" without that invite…

  2. Mrs. Doug says:

    Life really does just go on. It seems there are just never enough hours in a day to do all I need to or want to get done. I am learning to keep up a steady stream of getting things done one at a time. There was a time when I could bomb through the whole house in one day and not really be that tired after, but not anymore. A cycle of doing each room or project is the only way I can accomplish anything. Don't you wish there was an easy way to clean the stove hood? You need to be a contortionist to get up there to even see all the parts that need cleaning same thing with the oven. I'm so happy you MAY get a second vehicle. Still praying for just the right job for Dan. Will be listening carefully to hear of your homeschooling adventures.

  3. Sara H says:

    Yep. To all of that. 😀 And I had that RF quote as my Facebook status a few weeks ago. 🙂 Will be praying about the car situation. That would be so nice. And, of course, praying for a job for your dh.

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