The HutchHaus Home School

It’s time to begin!!  We’ve had our textbooks for a few weeks; I’ve been studying my lesson plans; and the kids have watched the orientation DVDs for each class.  They know their new teacher’s names and have gotten a glimpse of what they are in for.

And so, on Monday morning, August 20, we will begin our day with Bible time … and then Andrew and Anna will move on into their separate math, science, history, and grammar lessons.  We’ll have some breaks in between for “PE” (which will be when I send them outside to give me a few moments of sanity!) and lunch and maybe we can continue our German lessons that we started this summer or work on the kids’ typing (another one of my not-completed goals this summer).  Or not.  I’ll be anxious to see how that works out and how our schedule will fall into place. 

After another discombobulated summer, I am ready for some routine in our lives!  I am ready to be home-bound for a few days and get back on a schedule, realizing – of course – that my typed out and pinned up schedule on the homeschool bulletin board won’t always be followed perfectly.  I am curious how my kids will respond to homeschooling and how Miriam will occupy her time while the big kids have their lesson time. 

My only fear is myself … I am someone who needs a lot of quiet and order to be able to function.  I also often build up high expectations and then let myself down very quickly.  I am a guilt monger and thrive on taking the blame and holding on to false guilt.  I don’t want any of those things to get in the way of my family being happily home together every day.    I know not every day of home schooling will go seamlessly – and as my one homeschool-mom-friend told me, there were those days when she’d find herself googling “straight jackets for sale” (not really!!) … And I don’t want to stress my kids out because I am stressed out.

And so, I am trying to establish realistic expectations for myself.  I am sure there will be days when I feel the guilt because I hear my homeschool-mom-friend has taken her children on a nature walk at dawn, labeling various types of lichen along the way, and then built a wildlife refuge for endangered black-belly-squallers all before her wholesome 7-grain breakfast is prepared over a fire she started from a rock and a stick – and I am dragging out of bed, throwing poptarts at everyone at 9:30 a.m., having overslept my alarm clock.  again. 

As much as I do want to stay on schedule, I do know myself enough to realize that we’ll have to be flexible, and we’ll have to just keep on keeping on even when it is hard … I know some days I may be tempted to re-enroll my kids in school – and some days they may be begging to go back!  But I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are doing the right thing.  I have somewhat of a home school manifesto in my head of the 10,000 reasons we decided to homeschool – and I need to keep those goals and benefits and hopes ever before me.  In fact, I plan to write them down (there’s really more like 10 reasons) and post them on my homeschool bulletin board as a reminder – and I will share them here as well. 

And so, the HutchHaus HomeSchool will soon be in session!  Let the adventure begin!! 


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2 Responses to The HutchHaus Home School

  1. melanie says:

    You will ALL learn SOMEthing EVERY day. God is Good! Have a JOYful First Day of HomeSchool!

  2. Renee says:

    just remember to breath and relax. Other than telling my kids they must start school no later than 8am, we have no other set schedule. Depending on the day depends on how long each subject takes and they may do them in any order…. so remember to breath and relax 🙂

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