That was easy?!

It seems that most things I undertake result in way more work than I ever expected … for example, my recent home improvement ideas resulted in way more $$ paid and time spent than anticipated: 

My “15 minute” digital thermostat replacement turned into a nightmare with an eventual call for help to my hvac guy … I guess since our a/c hasn’t died once like it usually does each year, my summer may not have been complete without seeing Bob anyway. 

Then I decided to replace the old 1988 sink in my bathroom and do some painting and replace light fixtures.  I got the light fixtures replaced – although without finding the fuse to turn off the electricity, and so I replaced the fixture with live wires (thank you, Lord, for your protection despite my stupid ambition!!) – and that was after realizing the old light fixture had to be modified to fit over the sink/mirror in a centered position – and now the new light fixture hangs slightly “off” if you were to measure the equal distance to the middle of it and the mirror.  The sink … well, by the time I got all the parts, I realize the new sink and the old sink faucets weren’t quite compatible … and hence, after many days of brushing our teeth in the kitchen sink and futile trips to Lowe’s, I had to call a plumber.   Thankfully, he didn’t charge me much at all since it was such a “simple” job — to him maybe!!!! 

Those of you with handy-man husbands might be appalled and ask “Where was your husband?!” or even just “What were you thinking??!”  …  Well, my husband never claimed to be handy or to have an interest in anything related to home improvement.  By default it is my department … and really, I’m ok with it – except that I wish I had unlimited funds to just be able to hire people to execute my plans!!  It might be easier … and safer.   But as my marriage goes on, so does my knowledge of the layout of Lowe’s and how to navigate the internet to find sites to help me.  And for the record, my husband does stand by and try to help when I ask him to or need some extra muscle power … and often, we – two completely unsuspecting victims – tackle home projects naively together! 

So, as I had a somewhat long to-do list today (only day this week I’ve had access to our vehicle), I took Miriam with me, packed to the gills, prepared to have a long day of errand running, got Andrew and Anna started on school work, and promised I’d be home in about 2 or so hours. 

My first appointment went so fast, my head spun … Usually as I go to this one, I drive a long time, then sit a long time – but I was able to go to an office closer to home – and get helped right away!  In fact, the lady helping me said when I come back in November it will probably be just as quick.  Really?!  Wow, that was easy.

We walked over to the near-by post office – and while there was a short line, a clerk opened up his counter, looked directly at me, and asked, “May I help you, ma’am?” … ME?  Help ME? Now?  I get to cut out of the line??  Yep, he was talking to ME!  Not sure if Miriam’s cuteness had anything to do with it as she was greeting every person and clerk in the post office??!  Oh well … I’ll take it.  My business there was done in about one minute.  Too easy! 

I passed by a jewelry store on the walk back to my car and stopped in to ask about sizing my ring I got for Mother’s Day (yet another ordeal!) … and they quoted me HALF of what it cost at another jewelry store (and where I laughed at them and refused to let them touch my ring).   Did I hear that right?   I did!  I’ll be back with my ring – and actually get to wear it soon!! 

The next stop was a car dealership to talk to the service department about an idea my dad’s friend had about our dead vehicle (that Miriam “killed” earlier this summer).  Arrangements made there – so I went home to call my insurance company about getting my vehicle towed to the service station … and sure enough, we do have coverage to get that done FOR FREE!  In fact, the agent set up the tow service, and within an hour my Vue was being towed away.  Too easy!  Why didn’t I do this sooner??

Of course, there HAD TO BE a glitch – and there was:  our vehicle is so dead that even the keyless entry system doesn’t work at all … but I can get into the front doors via the actual key I have.   One key.  And after putting the key in the driver’s seat before it got towed away, I hit the “lock” button, and shut the door, thinking the other door was unlocked.  It wasn’t.  So … I was already anticipating how to get my husband’s keys to the service place after I picked him up from his temporary job today … and was dreading the extra time that would take … but when the tow guy came, he asked for the keys, and I told him what happened, and within about 5 minutes, he had gotten the door unlocked!!!  Who knew he also offered (free) locksmith service!   He seemed pleased with himself that he could save me some money … and I was pleased that again, THAT WAS EASY! 

So, now, I’m a little scared … I’m not used to things running so smoothly.  But I’m working on just being thankful for a day that God took care of all the details without me having to end up in total frustration before Him, asking why nothing was ever easy and begging Him to help me know what to do next.  Apparently, sometimes, He just gives me a nice break!  🙂 


And an edit:  I’ve been dreading checking my husband’s email lately as mostly we are just getting notices that he is “eligible” for certain jobs but not “best qualified” and will not be getting referred for an interview (which is ok in that even an “NO” is an answer to prayer.) … Today we actually got an ELIGIBLE notice without any further negative news – not that this guarantees an interview either but at least it isn’t a flat out rejection.  🙂 

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  1. Mrs. Doug says:

    Sounds to me like God answering prayer on our behalf for you. I'm still praying about the job situation. We serve an awesome God!!!

  2. Sara H says:

    Well, sounds like a good day. 🙂 I will continue to pray about the job & the car, that these issues will be resolved soon

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