The B-I-B-L-E
Yes, that’s the Book for me!
I stand alone on the Word of God.
The B-I-B-L-E
I feel like I should clarify a little:
Normally, we wouldn’t just let our cat sit on a Bible, but this is our little Ella-kitty.  She’s the one I’ve been worried about and recently took to the vet.  She’s actually doing better since then but still isn’t quite well.  😦  She’s lost a lot of weight lately and just sits in odd places (like on my Bible … the top of the microwave … on top of her litter box) for hours, sometimes she gets drowsy and kinds of sways – and she still throws up every few days nor does she eat much seemingly.  😦   I’ve googled her symptoms and one that matched kind of scares me is feline leukemia.  Indoor cats who aren’t vaccinated (like ours) can get it by sneaking outside and being exposed (which happens occasionally around here, both Cinder and Ella get out).  Ella still doesn’t seem like she’s in pain, and she also loves to sit or sleep on ME or one of our family who is stilling down … and she purrs happily.
So, for now, we’re just watching her and hoping she’ll be ok a little while longer.

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3 Responses to B-i-b-l-e

  1. Callie likes to "dig deep into the Word" by pretending to claw on my Bible cover. So sorry that little Ella isn't doing better yet.

  2. Rebecca D says:

    We had a cat the we adopted have feline leukemia… It was very sad. Since he came with it we didn't know he had it for quite awhile and just thought he had "tummy trouble" until he fell off a end table and broke his leg we didn't know there was a problem.

  3. Hi Connie, how are you doing? So happy to be able to come for a visit today. I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my recent blog post. I am still having to hold back on blogging, although I miss it and my blog buddies so much! I have read through a lot of your posts and see that a lot has been going on. I am sure hopeful that your kitty doesn't have the FL I had this happen to some of my kittens that a momma cat had. She was a carrier, with no symptoms herself. I lost two young cats to this. It is sad, so I pray your kitty gets better. Glad to see everything else falling into place, and home schooling! Still praying for that right job. I am still healing, as the doctors are trying to find out what my issue is. I seem to be having several mini seizures. I am having a lot of trouble walking, vertigo, and visual problems. The computer is very difficult to cope with. But I really fell a little like I am going stir crazy. So I happily and going to visit some of my best blog buddies today. Take care dear friend.Blessings,Susie

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