Happy HomeMaker Monday – 8/27/2012

Joining Sandra today:

The Weather:::
73 degrees and cloudy … sort of drizzly … we desperately need a good soaking here in mid-South Missouri! 

On my reading pile:::

mindless reading (criminal fiction by Iris Johansen … it is really a waste of time – I hate the plot in this book – but now I’m sucked in and want to finish it).
I really should be reading INTROVERTS IN THE CHURCH by Adam McHugh – but I like reading this book when I can focus – and currently that is never.  :-/
Also working through a daily (that’s the goal) devotional:  Becoming a Woman Who Loves by Cynthia Heald

On my tv:::

I really don’t watch any tv right now … if the TV is on, it is Disney Junior for Miriam or baseball for my husband and son.

On my to do list:::
We do have a chore list now that we’re homeschooling – and last week we stuck to it fairly well … today’s chore is the major laundry (but I did that this weekend – yea!!!) so I just have 2 things to mend and I’m done.  🙂  But really, I’m NEVER done!!  🙂

Homemaking Tips:::
I am still not where I want to be with menu planning … but last week I did inventory everything in the freezers, fridge, and pantry.  Now I have a list of items to work with.  And I can start using some things that have been around for a while … 
Looking around the house:::
Anna is doing her History lesson at the dining room table with me … Andrew is “cooking” lunch (chicken nuggets).  Miriam is wandering around, creating her usual chaos. 
From the camera:::

My son took this picture of me which he thought was hilarious.   I am opening a graphing calculator package with a butcher knife.  That thing was wrapped up so securely!!

Which reminds me of a housekeeping tip I read recently:  if you have an old-fashioned hand-crank can opener, you can use those to open those hard plastic packages by cutting around the edges with one (I don’t have one!  I have a pampered chef can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges – and it doesn’t work for this). 

On my prayer list:::
My husband’s job situation … he still needs a permanent job but he is working temporarily for a contractor.  So thankful for this – God takes good care of us.  🙂

Friends and family dealing with serious illnesses.


Bible verse, Devotional:::



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  1. Sandra says:

    How is the homeschooling going, are you guys enjoying it?You'll see that once you get into the habit of menu planning, you won't be able to go without 🙂

  2. I love the picture! I hate how all the stuff is so tightly packed! That and the kids toys that have a million little twist ties!Here is my HHM: http://simplyamom.blogspot.com/2012/08/happy-homemaker-monday-827.html

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