Our Monday: 9/3/2012

Sometimes on Monday’s I participate in Sandra’s Happy Homemaker Monday … but I think she’s taking the day off today?   So, I’m just going to record some things I want to remember about our Labor Day weekend:

We actually took the day off school on Friday … because WE CAN!!  🙂  Yes, this was sanctioned by my former-school-administrator husband who is continually adamant that we stay on schedule!!  It was a nice reward for the kids as they really have been doing great with our new home school schedule.

Andrew went in to “work” with Dan as he thought they’d have some small jobs for him too … They ended up only having a half day’s work, and it worked out for Andrew to get to spend some time with a friend.  Anna got invited to spend some time with a friend from her former school too … and if we had any family living close by, we’d have pawned Miriam off on someone too and had a date … but instead, Miriam got some one-on-one Mommy-Daddy time.

The rest of the weekend was gray and rainy outside, thanks to Hurrican Isaac, which made it very condusive to taking naps and being lazy.  And eating brunch of comforting waffles and bacon and lots of yummy, creamy coffee.  Sunday was church as usual … and more naps.

Today we celebrated Labor Day by laboring over school work.  As Dan didn’t have any work today, he was able to witness our school day … and overall gave us his approval, aside from the fact that we didn’t get started until 9 a.m. today because I tried having the big kids do their chores before lessons for a change (I think I like this idea!).  But I think he is beginning to understand, as I am, that our goal is gaining knowledge – and while schedules ARE important (especially for teaching responsibility – like being punctual when one has a “real job” or has an appointment or class), this is still OUR HOME, where we play, work, and learn all day long.

We did sneak away to a near-by town today because I needed fabric for a uniform for Anna to play volleyball with our Christian school soon.  Sadly, there is NO fabric store within at least 25 miles of us!!   Crazy, isn’t it!!  Not even our local Walmart has a fabric deparment any more (just a few aisles of minor craft and sewing things).   The blessing was that all fabric was 40% off so I got $3.99/yard fabric for $1.99!!

Miriam got to visit her favorite place – Pet Smart, which in our neck of the woods is about as close as we get to a zoo too.  And I had several good Target coupons to use for FREE ibuprofen and $5/package diapers, and a few other needful, inexpensive items.  Anna found a hoodie at her favorite store (Justice) for just under $4 … and I think Dan and Andrew even found a book or two at the outlet mall.  That would mean EVERYONE was happy on the way home.  🙂

Now, it is time for me to SLEEP yet again …

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2 Responses to Our Monday: 9/3/2012

  1. Rebecca D says:

    It sounds like a wonderful weekend! Alas, fabric stores are getting scarce in my neck of the woods too… I hear rumors of one in some woman's livingroom… It is open Tue.-Fri., 9-3 PM but since there is no sign, and it is down a labyrinth of back roads, you have to either go the first time with someone who knows where it is or get EXACT directions… When you get there, if the Amarican flag is out, you just ring the doorbell and she lets you in… Crazy, right!?! But I hear she has TONS of fabric that she sell at just $1 above cost per yard!! I may have to get up the courage to look into it!

  2. April says:

    Conny,I absolutely love long weekends, but they never come around quite often enough. Your weekend sounds like it was pretty busy, but a good one, nonetheless. That last picture is so sweet!

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