Confessions of a NOT Morning Person


I’m really NOT a morning person, but there are times when I am up early … and actually enjoy it.  Today – after a week of being cooped up at home without the car, I got up early to take my husband to his (temporary) job so I could run errands all over town later… and then I sat down to enjoy the open window, chirping of the birds, and 67 degree temperature.

It seems like an almost ideal morning … but, believe me, I don’t always feel this contented when it is gray and rainy or wintery and freezing and I’ve had to get up and moving this early!  Or earlier this week when a head-sinus cold struck me miserable … on one day, I let my bigger kids take over and didn’t crawl out of bed until after 10 a.m. when the medicine had finally kicked in a little so I could function.

My cold is – unfortunately – settling into my upper respiratory area and while I feel physically better, my cough hurts (so I try not to cough but that makes me need to cough even more, know what I mean!!?), and my voice is raspy.  I’m enjoying tea with milk and honey, which is so soothing … and just read the tea bag’s wrapper:

“At this moment somewhere, the kettle calls.  Somewhere, the pot waits.  Somewhere, a person smiles into a cup watching the leaves unfurl.”  That would be me … except I have a tea bag so no leaves are actually unfurling anything but flavor!  Smile

Speaking of kettle calls:  I have a nice tea kettle, but I rarely use it.  This morning, I decided since I wanted to steep bags for iced tea and my hot tea that I’d fill my kettle for a change.  Since it was full, the water took forever to boil … and when the pot was finally whistling, I almost had a panic attack because I couldn’t figure out what that “alarm” was!  It seemed like a sound I never heard before – my thought were flying all over:  tornado warning?  fire alarm?  faulty appliance??!

Thankfully, my husband was still here, and he came out to inspect the situation – and immediately went into the kitchen and told me that my kettle was whistling!!  Yeh, so like I said, I am not at my best in the mornings … even if I am enjoying the day.

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  1. April says:

    I'm not really a morning person, either, but like you, I do enjoy the peacefulness it brings. Just wish it didn't come at 5 AM!

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