Provision that Keep Providing

I took part in a yard sale 2 weekends ago, and my plan was to try to sell all my baby clothes (*sniff*) along with a bunch of other STUFF.   I had already given away a few rubbermaid containers of baby clothes – but there was still MORE!  So much more!

I did well enough for a rainy day yard sale … Thankfully, we were indoors in a community center with 7 other families.  I got rid of quite a bit of “stuff”, but I came home with almost all of my baby clothes!

In considering why I couldn’t sell baby clothes (even though I was offering them at very low prices as most were gifts or hand-me-downs or picked up at Goodwill or on clearance), I realized I should probably just hand-me-down them to someone else.

There have been 2 ladies at our church who have had baby girls very recently!  And so I asked them both if they’d like clothes and had room to store bigger sizes – and they both said YES!

Today I sorted everything by size … from about 3 months thru 24 months/2T, which MiMi is growing out of.  And I’m excited that I’ll be able to give each lady one big rubbermaid tub, one medium tub, and one “garbage bag” full of baby clothes for all seasons!


I share this not to brag on myself but to brag on God’s provision!  When we found out we were having another baby, 9 years after our last one, we had hardly anything for a baby.  I had kept my very favorite things but that was it.  And people from church and friends and family began to give and share and sort through their own baby things and give and give!  And by the time we had our baby girl, we had a beautiful crib and tons of clothes, and after a baby shower, I had all the other accessories like a high chair, bathtub, blankets, burp cloths, and diaper bags!

And now, I get to do the very same things for 2 young families who have both had their first baby!  Plus, I get to clean out more room in my garage!!  Smile  That’s just a bonus!

Just recently, I cleaned out the summer clothes – which are getting too small anyway – for MiMi … and sorted through all the size 3T fall/winter clothes I had waiting for her.  And her closet space and drawer space is FULL!!  She has pretty much everything she needs for the next months – still from my stash of items given to me and bought along the way at bargain prices!

I can’t believe my “baby” is getting SO big!  Here’s a recent picture of her in a dress she got at our yard sale a few weeks ago:


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9 Responses to Provision that Keep Providing

  1. Angie says:

    The blessings that pour out through our fellow-sisters-in-Christ are one of the sweetest gifts. It’s fun to give and receive!

  2. Brenda says:

    Wow…see how I pay attention? I will begin calling you Cordelia from now on!

  3. Brenda says:

    First of all Conny, I am so glad you didn’t ‘fall of the face of blogland’ as you probably thought I might have! I was disappointed when I went to your other blog and saw the closed sign. 😦 Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to catching up again and hopefully I will get a few more posts under my belt again. I miss it.
    Your story is nearly identical to mine with our ‘little’ one, though she’s 11 now. Same thing, from the baby shower to being blessed with hand-me-downs while living in AZ and then after moving back to CO and having a cousin who is 2 months younger but a whole head taller than her, getting hand-me-downs from her still! God is so good to us. I know how much you and the young ladies you passed them on to are appreciating it!

  4. Thanks for letting me know you have moved over to WordPress – I’m adding you to my reader right after I post this comment. Why the change though?

  5. diarysahm says:

    I can’t believe she’s getting that old either, my goodness 🙂

  6. Dackel says:

    This is what Mandy is doing with Savannah’s clothes. She did not want to sell them, so there is a charitable group where homeless and low income families can come to get clothing. I think this is marvelous!

  7. Rebecca D says:

    I love being able to do stuff like this! Being able to pass on and bless others with what we have been blessed with!
    As I sort through our home I am constantly astounded at the Lord’s provision for us too! I have had a chance to look at items that at one time or another were just something I wished I had, and think about how blessed I am to have received it as a gift, or surprise! (On the flip side, I have also had the opportunity to confront how much of the Lord’s provision I waste… It has been a hard pill to swallow, but one I know I needed to learn.)

  8. melanie says:

    Sweet post ~ Yes, our God is good!
    Psalm 31:19

  9. Mrs. D says:

    She is sooo cute. Glad to hear of the Lord’s provision. He is a good God and He cares about even the smallest things in our lives… even how many clothespins I have on the line. My daughter and I have been hanging our clothes on the clothesline all summer. I thought I would not have enough clothespins, or clothesline for all of our stuff. Somehow God has provided and I have not had to add either all summer long. It’s just enough.

    Have a wonderful day!

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