It’s All in the Way You Present It:


Since about the time she turned 2, Miss MiMi has wanted NOTHING to do with fixing up her hair … She would not tolerate any more big bows or headbands or pig-or-pony tails. 

Yesterday, I was playing with her hair and asked her if she’d like “pig tails” – and got the usual, “Nope!”  Later, as I was brushing her teeth and hair, I asked her again, as she looked at her face in the mirror … but this time I said, “Would  you like to have BUNNY EARS?” 


And her face lit us – and she said, “YES!”  And so I put her hair up in pig-tails … ummmm, I mean BUNNY EARS, which she actually left alone for several hours.


We had some errands to run and so we stopped by to see a special friend of hers who further talked up the “bunny ears” – and thus, I do believe, we might be seeing them again! 

With 2-almost-3-year-olds, I’m beginning to think it is all how you present the question!  Sometimes anyway. 

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  1. Dackel says:

    Oh my! Look how adorable she looks!

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