Catching Up:


Since Dan was released from the hospital on Monday, October 8, our lives have been pretty much the same:  get up (usually later than I’d like but am too tired to move), get the big kids started on school, help Daniel get cleaned up as best he can (sponge bath) and do his “pin care” (I have to clean around the rods in his leg and ankle daily), then do something with and for MiMi too to keep her out of trouble! 

Today I left MiMi with Daniel while I went to pick up the big kids from sports practice real quick.  She decided she wanted some milk – and perhaps knowing her daddy can’t move fast or far, she opened the fridge, got out a full gallon of milk, and took the jug to her dad! 

So, between schooling, cleaning, laundry, cooking (a little), bringing Dan his meds and food and drinks and whatever else he might need, finding MiMi in vicarious situations, and filling out eternal paperwork involved with medical billing, our days seem to go by quickly! 

Last Saturday was a gorgeous autumn day – and I decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch.  Even though we missed having Daniel with us, he wanted us to get out and enjoy the day. 


This pumpkin patch has only been around 2 seasons now:  Happy Hallows.


We rode the hay wagon down to the “pumpkin patch” … Annie Belle got to pick one out.


MiMi seemed to be drawn to the green pumpkins.


There was also a small petting zoo – with a calf and piglet.


We fed the baby goats:


And MiMi learned what a llama was … although she initially called it a giraffe since it had a long neck.  Smile 


Like I said it was a glorious fall day!


Soon we’ll be back here


at the medical center, ready for surgery #2 bright and early Thursday morning.  We are just ready to get on with it and start the healing process – and get Daniel mobile again.  I definitely will not miss that leg immobilizer – but I am so amazed at modern medicine – and so thankful because if this accident had happened 100 years ago, Daniel would have never been able to use his leg and foot again.  With physical therapy and time, Lord willing, he will be walking again soon – and maybe even eventually jogging or playing basketball (very carefully!!!!). 

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3 Responses to Catching Up:

  1. Dackel says:

    Praying each and every day. I know how tough it can be. Sending hugs to you all!

  2. Angie says:

    Been following, just haven’t had time to comment. Loved the pictures of your fun at the pumpkin patch. We’re planning on going, just haven’t gotten there yet. Praying for you all and especially for a successful surgery tomorrow. The Lord is able to do exceeding abundantly MORE than we can ask or think!! I’ve been asking Him to do that for you.

  3. Renee says:

    will be praying for a successful surgery tomorrow

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