What a Difference 14 Years Makes!

14 years ago, as the mother of a 1 month old newborn, I sat in the tiny waiting room of the same Army hospital in Germany where our baby boy had been born just a few weeks ago.  My husband had torn his ACL on a company ski trip and was undergoing surgery to repair his knee.  My parents had come to see their grandson and were able to care for him while we were at the hospital.

The advances in modern medicine in this time period have been amazing!!  Today, as I wait for my husband’s tib-fib (tibia-fibia/leg bone) surgery, I am in a huge, bright room with several tables, couches, 2 computer screens updating us on surgery progress, and wifi internet access.  Not only is the waiting area completely difference (and I’m in a large university medical center vs. a WW2 renovated Army hospital), but the “stuff” just in the OR prep area seems so modern – right down to this fancy disposable hospital “gown” from 3M called biar paws (which  is “the world’s first patient warming gown and adjustable warming unit in one system”).

Even the anesthesia is different:  Daniel was given a “pump” type pain reliever vial directly into the vein, guided by ultrasound, into his injured leg.  Over the next 3 days it will deliver a steady dose of pain medication to his leg … and then the vial will shrivel up and we’ll just pull it off, similar to removing a band-aid.  He is also under general anesthesia, of course, as the surgery to repair his leg and put in a plate and pins to hold the bones will take several hours.

The buzz of the hospital and the managed busyness of the medical personnel always amazes me.  Everyone seems to know their purpose and moves with such efficiency.  I actually used to be very nervous in hospitals, but recently I’ve just been quite calm here.  I think a lot of that is the covering of prayers that our family is under right now.

I’ve heard people say that they “felt God’s presence” … and today, I can honestly say, I do too.  There are many things to be anxious about concerning our future, complicated by this injury – there are still uncertainties about Daniel’s employment – there is anticipation as recently we have had several email stating Daniel is “eligible” for several positions we think he’d enjoy and be good at in locations we think we’d like … but in the end, nothing is certain.  It is all still part of God’s secret working behind the scenes, and the outcomes are yet to be revealed.  But still, in the midst of the unknown, I do know God is good and He is working on our behalf in ways we can not fathom.  He is also the Great Physician, and He will heal Daniel in His perfect time.  We are just thankful He knows all the things that we do not right now.

Like I did 14 years ago, I will now read the book I brought for a while … maybe have a cup of coffee, pray a little more, and look forward to seeing Dan back in a hospital room soon.


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  1. civillascybercafe says:



  2. Sara H says:

    Praying for you guys today. So glad that it’s a good experience so far.

  3. melanie says:

    Hmm, I still ‘owe’ you the story about Tim’s wrist… One of these days 😉 But while I sat and waited through his surgery, I was reading my Bible. The doc came through at one point, saw what I was reading, and said to me, “It’s not THAT serious!” 😀
    Praying for you both today! and trusting he’ll be in the recovery room soon.

  4. Mrs. D says:

    You two are in my prayers today. Hope all is well.

  5. Dackel says:

    I just stopped and prayed for Daniel. I know what you mean about these super hospitals. When jack had his first knee replaced and they actually had to rebuild the bones above and below the knee due to tumors that had eaten away those bones, and that surgery went nearly 4 hours. I admit to getting nervous! Good luck and keep us posted!

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