Post Surgery Report:

Last I posted, Daniel was in surgery … and he remained there for 4+ hours!  I kind of “made friends” with a few of the other family members in the waiting area.  One couple had been at the same hotel as us – and were the only other people checking out when we did at 4:45 a.m.!  They were at the admissions/check-in desk at the hospital right in front of us – and then by the OR waiting area right before us too.

There was a sweet elderly lady who was waiting for her husband to have nodules removed from some glands – and her daughter.  After about 3 1/2 hours, they offered to watch my bag (computer, books, etc) so I could go for a little walk and just step out of the waiting area.

There was a man who sat down to chat – he’d seen my husband in the OR and thought he looked familiar … which is ironically the same thing the anesthetist had said!  Maybe its my husband’s new beard that makes him have that kind of face??!  Anyway, since we were not from “around here”, obviously this man did not know my husband – but as he was a contractor, he had some experiences with falling off ladders to share with me.

Finally, the surgeon came out to talk to me – and he drew a picture for me of all the work he had done:  a plate and many pins inserted as well as some damage repaired.  He told me about the future and what to expect and overall was very thorough.  We’ll follow-up with him in 2 weeks.

As God is continually faithful, He blessed Dan with a very large private room.  When Dan was first wheeled onto his ward, he was put into a room with another bed in it and told he’d have a roommate.  His nurse was a really kind man and when he saw the disappointment on my face that I could not spend the night with Dan then, and we told him we lived 2 hours away, the man set into action!  And next thing we knew, we were taken across the hall to an extra nice room!  So thankful for the details being taken care of!  I was really dreading either driving home that night or spending the money on yet another hotel.

Dan had a good night that first night.  He ordered a roast beef dinner … and said he couldn’t feel any pain in his leg for the first time since his accident on October 5.  Our pastor and his wife stopped by for a visit, and they too remarked at how well Dan was doing!  He was seriously cheerful!

I have a friend from Junior High school who lived a few miles from the medical center where we were – and she came by and took me to dinner.  I had seen her briefly during our first hospital stay … but this was the first time we had to really spend together talking in about 27 years!!!  While we shared a lot of the same school and church experiences and talked a lot about those, we also shared what we’ve been doing for the last 27 years.  Amazingly her husband was a Christian school administrator for 8 years as well and resigned when he too felt his time of usefulness there was over – and they ended up in “Middle-of-No-Where”, Missouri where they never dreamed they’d live for that long too!  Anyway, it was great to laugh and share and catch up.   As she remarked, our visit was so good for both of us as we found we had so much in common – from life experiences to the lessons God has taught us along the way.

I won’t bore you all with too many more details – there is just SO MUCH provision and God’s goodness that we encountered through this entire experience – as horrible as it has been … We’ve seen His provision through it all.

Even the nurses and the doctors were so great!  The first surgeon Daniel had seen who was kind of an intern under the main surgeon who did the major surgery came by to say good-bye as we were leaving the next day (Friday) and told me Daniel was his favorite patient, always greeting him with a smile.

We had a nurse who was extra amazing too – she had taken care of Daniel during his first stay – and she remembered us well.  She was one of those nurses who got things done.  When Dan needed a boot ordered, she made sure it happened.  When he needed a certain pain medication, she walked to the pharmacy to get it for him as she said they were often slow to bring meds up to the wards.  She also discovered Daniel’s intravenous pain medication pack was leaking and arranged for it to be replaced (had to be done by an anesthetist).  UNFORTUNATELY, the anesthetist forgot to unclasp the line that delivers the pain medication through the vein to the surgical leg … which is a whole ‘nother story for another day and made for some major pain later.  😦  But we overcame that too.

All this to say – surgery went well, recovery went well – we had a little glitch along the way with the pain medication … but we have been home since Friday afternoon – and are very, very thankful for how everything went (well, ok, it is harder to be thankful for the pain medication mishap!).

There truly is always, always always something to be thankful for.

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5 Responses to Post Surgery Report:

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  2. Tina Leigh says:

    Wow! What a story here & what blessing too. So amazing that you got to meet up with your friend…God just works stuff out all the time!!

  3. melanie says:

    God is good. Even when it doesn’t rain. Even when your hubby falls off a ladder. : )
    So glad to hear your short hospital stay was almost perfect. 😉

  4. Angie says:

    So glad the Lord provided in so many ways! Thanks for sharing it all with us. I hope he’s able to come home soon. Prayers and blessings being sent your way.

  5. Dackel says:

    I am so happy to hear that all went well. How long will Dan be there? Still praying up a storm for him and for your family!!!

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