True Confessions

Ok, just being honest here:

I hate sports … I really do.  I mean, I like the atmosphere of a baseball game – mainly because it includes food at the concessions stand – and I do cheer for certain teams but rarely have the patience to sit through an entire game on TV.

But I have found sports to be a necessary evil in my life … My husband LIKES sports – St. Louis Cardinals baseball, some college football and basketball, and now that he is part of a NFL fantasy league, pro football.

My kids want to play sports … and from the time they played in their first community soccer leagues at age 5 or so, I’ve hauled them to practices and sat in folding chairs or on hard benches and watched them practice or play as much as I could.  Drew played a summer of community baseball too, and I actually liked when my kids played Upward basketball (a Christian league) for a few years.

But other than liking sports for my husband and my kids, I’d honestly just rather be doing something else!  Like reading, sleeping, puttering around at home, etc.

This school year, Annie-Belle is playing volleyball with a Christian school for the first time ever.  I think she is probably a lot like me:  really enjoying the social aspects of it all but not really completely serious about the whole athletic thing.

I made my school’s softball team my Junior year of high school … and I was BAD at it … REALLY bad.  I tried out again my Senior year and did NOT make the team as the coach told my mom that I just didn’t seem serious about it.  True that, true that.  He probably saved my parents some money for uniforms and travel … and me the heartache of another season spent mainly in the dug out.

HOWEVER, that said, I am tickled my kids can participate in sports – and I promise to support them in any way I can!  Even when that means getting up at 5 a.m. for Annie-Belle to meet her ride to her first ever tournament:


She was SO excited that she actually jumped out of bed without me having to take away all her covers and check to make sure she was awake 2 or 3 times.  While she didn’t get to play in today’s 2 games, she had such a sweet attitude about just sitting on the bench and cheering!  I really do think her favorite part of the tournament was eating lunch out with her friends!!!   Her team did win both games they played, so it is always fun being part of a winning team too!  Smile

Drew was also at the tournament, playing basketball.  His team left the school about an hour after Annie-Belle’s so it made for a busy early morning for me … and then I wanted to go to the tournament myself with MiMi to watch my kiddos and their teammates.


It was hard to get a good picture of Drew, but after 2 years of biding his time as a “bench warmer”,  now a 9th grader, he has now earned a spot as a starter on his team!!  Granted, his team has shrunk by about 4 or 5 players as other students have moved on, but still, he is among the tallest on the varsity team right now – and also has several years of experience under his belt.

I know he scored at least 2 points – but in his position (forward?  point guard??  I don’t know??!?!), he spends a lot more time trying to play defense and get rebounds and such – from what I understand.  Anyway, his team ended up losing 20-35 – but this group too had such good attitudes about playing.  They play again on Friday morning – thankfully with a 7:15 a.m. departure time instead of o’dark thirty.

Maybe I’ll become a bona fide sports mom some day after all … or maybe I actually already am?!

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  2. Sara H says:

    How great for your kids. Congrats on your daughter’s wins and your son’s being a starter!!

  3. Tina Leigh says:

    I am not a sports fan either! BUT when my boys were little and played ball…I transformed for the moments at hand! Lol. I’m sure my sportiness will resurface if my granddaughter decides to enter the world of sports. Until then, it’s suppressed!

    Love the pic of your daughter! She’s a player!!

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